Tip 1

Be comfortable.  Ideally you lie down on the floor or in a bed or couch when you practice yoga nidra meditation. You can also practice sitting in a chair or for pregnant women you may wish to practice lying on your side. Your hands can be facing up or down. It's ideal to practice in a space that's quiet, dark and where you won't be disturbed.

Tip 2

Use a few props.  Most people like to use a blanket for warmth because your body loses heat when you lie down. You can also just put on a sweater. A bolster or a few pillows underneath your feet help to relieve pressure on the back. And an eye pillow can be used to block out light and relax your brain. Some people also prefer listening with earbuds, especially if you're on a bus or airplane.


Tip 3

Schedule it.  Rest is one of those items that can easily fall off your to-do list, right? That's why you need to schedule it. Write it in your calendar and, if you have to, trick yourself and write "physical therapy" for the time you'll rest with yoga nidra meditation. You'd never miss a physical therapy appointment!

Tip 4

Chuck perfect.  Don't wait for the "perfect moment" to practice yoga nidra meditation. It won't come. Moms are the best at thinking they don't have the life to fit in rest. Be creative. Chuck the perfect quiet spot and take a yoga nidra nap in your car while your kid is at their sports or music or whatever practice. Skip a day or two even if you're hoping to practice every day. It's okay. Make your imperfect commitment non-negotiable.