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The Daring to Rest academy

A unique opportunity for wellness and leadership professionals, yoga teachers, coaches, doulas, healers, stay-at-home moms and anyone who wants to help women* dare to rest.

*While the Daring to Rest Academy is geared towards working with people who identify as a woman, you don't have to work exclusively with women to join us.


Enrollment for the academy is now closed. Get on our early notification list below to receive the first opportunity to enroll when we open again. 


What is the Daring to Rest Academy?

We are sparking a rest revolution.

The Daring to Rest Academy trains facilitators in the practices inside Karen Brody's book "Daring to Rest: Reclaim Your Power with Yoga Nidra Rest Meditation."  You're given training in yoga nidra, known as the Sleep of the Yogi, plus powerful Daring to Rest curriculums to start helping women lift layers of exhaustion, rise up to the best version of themselves. and create a new profitable stream of income doing something you love.

At the Academy, we are supporting YOU to dare to rest and teaching you how to share yoga nidra, and the practices inside the book Daring to Rest, with women. (and you can share this with men too!). 

Women need help now more than ever to dare to rest.

We are fiercely dedicated to changing the worn out woman paradigm and helping women take back rest. Why? Consider this...

Eighty percent of people with autoimmune diseases are women. Over fifty percent of sleep disorders are experienced by women. And between 2003 and 2015 there was a 344% increase in women ages 15 to 44 taking ADHD medication (and a 560% increase in women 30-34).

Women are clearly tremendously exhausted. And what is the remedy for exhaustion? Rest. But today, it takes courage to lay down and rest, and we must re-teach women how to rest because our long to-do lists, and a "do more" culture, have caused us to loose this art of lying down. At the academy, we teach you the skills to help women dare to rest, and back you up with curriculums, marketing support, and a tribe of women who love yoga nidra and believe passionately that this tool is both rest and empowerment for our modern times.

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Women don't want book clubs anymore - they want a nap. When you teach Daring to Rest, you can give it to them.

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Tired of telling exhausted women the usual advice to "get more sleep," and want to teach them how to sleep?

Yoga nidra meditation is the sleep-based meditation technique that we teach you, which provides women with the transformational deep sleep they need. It is translated as "yogic sleep." There are no bendy-stretchy yoga poses. You simply lie down, listen to a guided meditation, and do nothing as you're taken into deep sleep brainwaves and beyond to what feels like a deeply tranquil space of no stress. Your body is finally able to completely relax and recharge.

Imagine ALL women feeling this deeply well-rested.  We call yoga nidra a "Super Nap" because it feels like the best nap of your life. Your entire body, mind and soul receive a huge reboot. Women tell us that "Daring to Rest yoga nidra changed my life."


  It's time. Saundra Goldman Daring to Rest for one year.

It's time. Saundra Goldman Daring to Rest for one year.

Women are ready for change.

Women have a long history of being put down for being a woman. Too sensitive. Too moody. Too sexy. Too quiet. Too weak.  This has caused many of us to feel sick and disembodied from our womanhood - to stop speaking our truths, and turn away from facts that feel unpleasant. 

The good news is this: the tide is turning. More women then ever are eager to speak our truths, take healthy action in our lives, and re-define gender inequities. 

Women are craving embodiment. The explosion of sick women has resulted in a collective scream for rest. Women's bodies are at the end of our threshold, and that is why WE need to be ready with a solution. WE need to help women dare to rest. Seed by seed. This is how we spark a revolution. 

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"Imagine a world where women make rest and rhythm a priority and operate more from their full power. That's the daring to rest world."

Karen Brody, from the introduction of Daring to Rest

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The Book & Movement.

In case you've never heard of the book Daring to Rest, and our growing movement, let us introduce you to it, and to it's author and founder of the Daring to Rest Academy.

Daring to Rest is a soulful sleep program for women using yoga nidra meditationIt has been called a “masterpiece,” “simply brilliant,” and a 40-day program thatmakes yoga nidra relevant and accessible to 21st-century women, who may need this practice more than any previous generation.”


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Meet Karen

Karen Brody is a mother, women’s wellness advocate, founder of the Daring to Rest Academy, and author of the book, “Daring to Rest: Reclaim Your Power with Yoga Nidra Rest Meditation.”  She has also written a critically acclaimed play, Birth, performed around the world, that's been called "the Vagina Monologues for childbirth." A former Peace Corp volunteer and community organizer for women's organizations, Karen is changing the educational paradigm through her inspiring way to teach rest, create community, and impact a global shift in our culture to slow down and "rest and digest."

"I fell in love with yoga nidra meditation nearly 15 years ago after it helped me overcome a history of panic attacks.  My father had panic attacks, and I assumed this was my destiny until one day I walked into a yoga studio and discovered yoga nidra, - what I now call my "Super Nap." 

Within a year, despite raising two active boys under the age of five, I was off anti-anxiety medication, felt more energy than I had in years, and wrote a critically-acclaimed play.

I couldn't believe every woman on the planet didn't know about yoga nidra meditation. I made it my mission to tell them. Got trained in iRest yoga nidra, certified in the Amrit Method, and began offering 40-day yoga nidra experiences for women. WOW. The results were phenomenal. Rested. Calm, Happier. These were just a few words women used to describe how they felt.

I worked with pregnant women for years, teaching them yoga nidra, and then trained midwives and doulas so they could teach pregnant women. The results? Women gave birth with more confidence and ease.

Today, I am a yoga nidra cheerleader and I support others who feel passionate about sharing this rest medicine with the world."




How does it work?


The brief version: You join the academy from anywhere in the world. We give you an online facilitator training and lots of support to start using yoga nidra meditation and teaching Daring to Rest programs. We also support YOU to dare to rest. You make money doing what you love and you feel well-rested.

Here are more details:

First, you’ll begin with a 9-week online training where you’ll be experiencing Daring to Rest while we teach you yoga nidra meditation and all the key feature of the Daring to Rest program. The training prepares you to teach Daring to Rest programs and incorporate yoga nidra into the work you do. After this, you'll be a Daring to Rest trained facilitator.

Then you'll be a member of the Daring to Rest Academy, with your first year’s membership free. You'll receive monthly Rest Sister Circle support calls with Karen and curriculums to offer a variety of programs - a Daring to Rest 40-day challenge, workshop, retreat, one-on-one coaching, or virtual experiences. Also, as a member of the academy, you'll receive the Daring to Rest 40-Day Program once a year with Karen’s support and your tribe of Rest Sisters.

When you’re ready, you start offering programs that help worn out women get the rest they need, and you receive a generous income from your Daring to Rest program (and we don’t take any of it). If you’re a coach or support women one-on-one, the Daring to Rest programs, especially the 40-Day Program, are excellent ways to find an abundance of dream clients for private coaching packages.  After the first year’s free membership, you can sign up for continued membership of the Daring to Rest Academy for an affordable annual fee.

Our mission is to  help you dare to rest, to teach you yoga nidra and all the features of the Daring to Rest method, and then support you to rise up, help other women dare to rest, and make an income too.

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What Women Are Saying About Daring to Rest

Thank you for a way out of all the stress in the world! Daring to Rest is a wild glorious path where I could return to being truly human, and truly be the natural resource I’ve been chasing for so long.
— Melanie
Highly recommend this brilliant book Daring to all tired parents, and anyone in need of more rest. It’s Day 3 of the 40 Days and I feel so peaceful. Here’s to a life as a well-rested woman!
— Nadine
Daring to Rest is changing my life. I knew I was exhausted when I decided to buy the book and join the 40-day program, but I didn’t really truly believe it would make a huge difference. It did and it does - in ways that are not easy to describe. This practice is in alignment with my soul.
— Sylvia
Daring to Rest has helped me a lot because it speaks of 5 bodies that can be exhausted. This helped me to understand my exhaustion better... and why my Wild Woman has been weakened. I not longer feel guilty or like a failure for feeling exhausted. This is so helpful, and gives me strength to rise as a well-rested woman.
— Susanne

What's Included in the Daring to Rest Academy?


Level 1 Daring to Rest Facilitator Virtual Training.

On February 27th you'll start our online 9-week Daring to Rest facilitator training. The training includes how to teach yoga nidra meditaiton, how to confidently deliver it, and we train you in the Daring to Rest approach so you can take a done-for-you model and use it in your community. The training also includes emphasis on women's health and empowerment. You'll be given a new module every Monday, typically a 60 minute teaching audio with supporting materials, and move through the materials at your convenience. 

Want to view a detailed curriculum? Click here.

Weekly Interactive Mentoring with Karen.

Throughout the 9-week training you'll meet with Karen each week for a 90 minute session that includes Q&A, discussion, and spot coaching. It's your choice to attend live or listen to the recordings later.



Daring to Rest Academy 1-Year Membership.

Our Daring to Rest Membership provides tools to help you lead Daring to Rest programs in your community and emotional support to share yoga nidra with confidence and continue your personal daring to rest practice. Your first year is free when you enroll. To keep your membership active, you'll pay an annual fee of $500 that will never go up. (this is an exclusive offer for this enrollment period only). Here's what you get as a member:

✔️ Use of all Daring to Rest curriculums and marketing materials

✔️  Masterclasses with guest teachers on topics that include working with people who have trauma, delivering yoga nidra to children, natural sleep remedies, how to address adrenal-thyroid fatigue, and how to use essential oils in your yoga nidra programs

✔️ Monthly Rest Sister Circle

✔️ Option to take Level 2 and certify

✔️ Private Facebook Community

✔️ Participation in unlimited Daring to Rest level 1 virtual trainings

✔️ Updates on all Daring to Rest materials

✔️ Yearly 40-Day Daring to Rest program for you and to improve your teaching skills, supported by Karen

✔️ Listing on the facilitator page of our website.

✔️ Receive discounts on Daring to Rest books.



Daring to Rest Membership Area.

This is your online space where all the materials for the Daring to Rest Academy reside. All your training modules, transcripts for each module, guest teacher's talks, all PDFs, yoga nidra meditations, recorded sessions with Karen, and everything you need to create your own successful Daring to Rest program are here.

You'll Also Receive These Bonuses. 

exclusive Bonus

Daring to Rest Audio Program.

In the audio program, Karen presents her groundbreaking Daring to Rest 40-day program in audio form, complete with teachings, practices, and new guided meditations not found in the book Daring to Rest. The audio program is for you, and it's also a teaching tool you can play at your Daring to Rest program. At checkout, you'll have the option to get the CD-version or digital version. The audio program releases March 1st so expect to receive it by the end of March.

Exclusive Bonus

Daring to Rest Facebook Live Video Coaching.

Before you lead a Daring to Rest 40-Day program, we know it would be super helpful to see how Karen does it. In this Facebook Live Video Coaching, you'll receive every Facebook Live video Karen made during the most recent Daring to Rest 40-Day program. You'll learn what typical questions women ask about Daring to Rest, and how to address these questions and support women to access the best version of themselves. Even though your way of coaching will be unique, this bonus helps you understand how it can be done, and gives you the confidence to do it.


The Daring to Rest Academy is for...


Health and Wellness Practitioners, Yoga & Yoga Nidra Teachers, Coaches, Entrepreneurs, Healers, Doulas, Therapists, Moms, and anyone who is (or wants to be) an agent for change.


✔️ You're someone who wants to end the paradigm of women feeling guilty if they take a pause to rest. You have a desire to help women take their power back, and you think the deep rest practice of yoga nidra meditation is a remedy desperately needed as an antidote to today's modern world, 


✔️ You're a soulful entrepreneur who wants to elevate her work, expand her reach. and transform women's lives.  It's also sweet if you're someone who's retired or staying at home with the kids and wants to do something you love, feels a YES to sharing the magic of Daring to Rest and yoga nidra with others, and is looking to make a healthy side income.


✔️ If you're already trained in yoga nidra, you'll fit right in and gain a new women-centered approach to your work, be able to offer Daring to Rest to your community, and also be part of a movement actively sparking a rest revolution. Plus you'll learn more about yoga nidra and be supported to keep YOU Daring to Rest.


✔️You don't need a yoga background to join the academy. We teach you everything you need to know to offer yoga nidra meditation. It's not rocket science. If you're passionate about making a difference in women's lives, we know you can learn Daring to Rest and offer it in your community. We are teaching you a tool for your business to help improve women's lives - and a tool for YOU.


What Women Leaders Are Saying About Daring to Rest


Christiane Northrup, M.D., ob/gyn physician and author of the New York Times bestsellers: Goddesses Never Age: The Secret Prescription for Radiance, Vitality, and Wellbeing, Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom, and The Wisdom of Menopause

“Daring to Rest is simply brilliant. I thought I knew a thing or two about health, rest, and yoga. But in this wonderful book, Karen Brody breathes new life into the need for rest — and it’s not just “get more sleep.” After reading Daring to Rest, I cannot WAIT to lie down, listen to a yoga nidra meditation, and start listening to my soul. Women everywhere need to take rest seriously if they are to enjoy vibrant health. This book is the most practical place to start.”

Sharon Salzberg, author of Lovingkindness and Real Love

"Karen Brody has put together a program that makes yoga nidra relevant and accessible to 21st-century women, who may need the practice more than any previous generation. If you feel overwhelmed by living, the techniques in Daring to Rest are a good place to start your journey back to well-being."




Jennifer Louden, author of The Woman’s Comfort Book and The Life Organizer

“As someone who has found yoga nidra to be utterly life changing, I am over-the-moon delighted that Karen wrote a guide for every woman to get the rest she needs using this ancient tool. You’ll love the science and the excellent case she makes for why you need rest but the way she gives you to actually get that rest? It’s going to create such magic in your life. Please read this and DO the practices. Then prepare to become a raving fan!” 

Tanya Lynn, founder of


Daring to Rest arrived in my life at the absolute most perfect time. I was completely worn out, exhausted and frustrated from a lack of sleep with my second baby. I was at the end of my rope and afraid I would have to give up my business. Reading the intro to the book felt like I had met my soul sister. Doing the first Rest meditation for just 15 minutes felt like a huge exhale and a 3-hour nap. After the 40 days, I feel like a new woman. To be completely transparent, I didn’t do it every day and most days I fell asleep during the meditations. But it worked. My intention: “I am peaceful, present and patient” has shockingly become true. I haven’t yelled in a month and I have so much more capacity for my toddler’s whining, although she has felt more peaceful as a reflection of my own internal state. I realized that the answer is not in giving up my business, but simply incorporating Rest into my life. This is the perfect meditation practice for mamaprenuers like myself. Now I feel confident and excited to put on my big annual event!


Karena Virginia, Healer, Speaker, TV Personality, and author of Essential Kundalini Yoga.

"Daring to Rest is a book that every woman can benefit from. As a mother with a strong calling to live life to its fullest, while helping other women reach their own empowerment, I certainly vouch for this book.  Karen shares a journey to rest and rise, which to me is the garden of life many of us women are searching for. We are living in a powerful new paradigm where rest and allowing with grace is so much more powerful than pushing. Karen takes us on a magic carpet ride of manifesting through ease. The power we women embody is magnified when we accept our graciousness and radiance as our greatest gift. I highly recommend this beautiful piece of art.


Kate Northrup, bestselling author of Money: A Love Story

"In this world that tells us that in order to be more we must keep doing more and more, Daring to Rest is a beautiful, true antidote. The truth is that the only way to have what we really want is to stop, rest, and make space. Daring to Rest is the perfect guide to do just that. Read this book, follow this wisdom, and enjoy the experience of truthful living that can only come from a well-rested place."


Sara Avant Stover, author & founder of The Way of the Happy Woman and The Book of SHE"

"I'm so grateful that Karen Brody wrote this book! In Daring to Rest, she's giving voice to a shadow epidemic from which every woman suffers-- the demand to override our bodies and disconnect from our inner wisdom. Yes, rest is an essential part of life's rhythm, and every woman who lives by this is able to reclaim an essential part of her forgotten, instinctual nature. Please read this book-- and live by it."

Karen Brody_author photo.jpeg

A final note...

I hope you've now got a good sense of the Daring to Rest Academy and whether it's right for you. If you join now, you will be Tribe #1. 

Years ago, when I was a Peace Corps volunteer, I remember meeting people who were in that first group of Peace Corps volunteers. These people said YES way before it was fashionable to go help underserved communities. They knew something. They knew that people needed our help. So they took a leap of faith, said yes, and did it. Today every single person I meet from that first group tells me "YES  it was absolutely worth it to take the risk, and it changed my life."

For a while, I've felt yoga nidra needed a bit of a facelift to make it accessible for western lives - and women's lives. This is what the Daring to Rest Academy teaches you: ancient yogic sleep wisdom for modern women (and brave men).

The academy is different than other online yoga nidra trainings. To be honest, I don't want to just train you. There are great places you can go to get a yoga nidra training. I want to help you grow as a yoga nidra teacher, to think deeply together about the themes that rise when we practice yoga nidra, to help you speak your truth, stand in your womanhood, help other women do the same, and to intentionally use yoga nidra as an agent of change in the world.

If you believe well-rested women can change the world, then the academy is where we plant these seeds.

The time is now - women urgently need this rest medicine. And I suspect probably so do you. (I do - we teach what we need). 

If it feels right, sign up below. Let's dare to rest together

With love and pompom shakes,



Feel a YES to be a part of A Rest revolution?