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Daring to Rest Academy

Online Training Curriculum


While this curriculum is written as a linear experience, we're going to follow a more feminine approach and allow for circular learning. What's that? Many of the modules will reinforce concepts in other modules. For example, you may learn about yoga nidra meditation in module one, but the whole training will build your knowledge of yoga nidra. Also, the empowerment is women is woven throughout the curriculum, not the one or two modules where it's mentioned below. Prepare to learn in an engaging, out of the box way. This helps let the magic happen!


Module 1

The Foundation

The first week we'll dive into the foundation of the Daring to Rest model. This includes:

✔️ A detailed exploration about yoga nidra and the science behind it

✔️ The 5-kosha model for health

✔️ Learning the key features of Daring to Rest: soul whispers, touchstone, and activating the power centers

✔️ Using journaling, movement, art, and aromatherapy with yoga nidra

✔️ Teaching the principle of "chucking perfect"

✔️ Setting up your own rest cave to dare to rest

Module 2

The Rest Phase

In this module, you will begin experiencing Daring to Rest.  You'll also learn how to teach this first "rest phase" of Daring to Rest including:

✔️ How set an intention for yoga nidra

✔️ The 1st Kosha: The Physical Body, and practices to clean it

✔️ The 2nd koshas: The Energy Body, and practices to clean it

✔️ The importance of rhythm

✔️ Breathwork and our beloved "Opening Your Feminine Highway" practice

Module 3

The Release Phase

We think exhaustion isn’t just physical, and if we only address it on this level we're not exploring all it's layers. In this module, you'll explore the second layer of exhaustion: emotional and mental. You'll continue Daring to Rest for you, and also learn:

✔️ To explore the meaning of darkness and how this relates to sleep and good health

✔️ A game-changing "holding opposites" tool to help women release tension and anxiety

✔️ The 3rd kosha: The Mental Body, and practices to clean it

✔️ The 4th kosha: The Wisdom Body, and practices to clean it

✔️ The 5th kosha: The Bliss Body, and practices to clean it

✔️ The connection between women and their wild selves

✔️ How to teach women to access their Council of Women

The world needs well-rested women, but we are not going to rise up if we are chronically exhausted. The rise phase lifts the final layer of exhaustion: life purpose exhaustion. We're all on this planet for a reason and if we don't know our "why" it's exhausting. In this module you'll learn:

✔️ The meaning of rising rooted

✔️ A new feminine lifestyle of embracing our whole selves

✔️ A powerful 4-step Dreaming Big process to lead women through that helps them discover their purpose and set heart-based goals

✔️ Ways women can dare to rest forever - from menstruation through menopause

Module 4

The Rise Phase

Module 5


We thought you might need a break now so we've build in this week to rest, catch up if you're behind, and practice our yoga nidra map guided embodied experience taking you through the components of a yoga nidra script. This week you'll also be assigned a Rest Sister pod in preparation for next week when your pod will begin practicing teaching yoga nidra together. 

Now we turn our attention primarily to teaching yoga nidra and focus on the yoga nidra script. In this module you'll:

✔️ Learn how to deliver a yoga nidra script

✔️ Learn how to create scripts of your own

✔️ Practice delivering yoga nidra to your Rest Sister pod (you'll continue this through module 9 - and even after, if your Rest Sister pod chooses to)

✔️  You'll start making a yoga nidra recording due at the end of the training

Module 6

The Yoga Nidra Script

Daring to Rest is a method is made up of three phases. You have now learned each phase - it's time to put it together. In this module you'll:

✔️ Review your Daring to Rest toolbox to make sure you know how to use all complementary practices

✔️ Learn Daring to Rest curriculums to run your own 3-day program, class, or half/full day workshop live or virtually

✔️ What to do when student feel strong emotions

✔️ How to give a talk on yoga nidra and Daring to Rest

Module 7


We are at a moment in history when women are being called to lead. What does running a business with "rest" look like for you? How do you want to make a difference in your community and the world with rest? In this module we'll explore:

✔️  The business of sharing yoga nidra

✔️  Thinking and Feeling like a leader

✔️  Planning like a leader

✔️  Implementing like a leader (marketing!)

✔️  Tools for leadership

✔️  How to lead and not burnout

Module 8


Module 9

How do you continue to grow beyond this training? In this module, we'll:

✔️Solidify everything you've learned

✔️Review your next steps for success

✔️Learn about Academy membership & the optional certification process

✔️Celebrate with an all tribes "oneness" gathering to meet your new Rest Sisters inside the Academy