What Women IN THE ACADEMY Are Saying

What are your biggest takeaways from the Academy?

1. Creativity and true leadership come from a place of rested quiet, not push and force.
2. You don’t have to have everything perfect, organized and “know exactly where you are going” to dive in and begin!
3. Women are crying out for this rest medicine, my listening has been fine tuned, I am really hearing the call of women wanting to rise rooted, yet they have no direction, no map and no support.
— Cheri, Indiana

(1) Rest Shame runs deeper than I thought, particularly with women. Even with clients I work with who are professed “feminists”, I”m starting to see more clearly that there is a tendency to overdo in relationships and regard personal rest as self-indulgent.
(2) Rest isn’t just for the Rest phase. Even when one is in a Rise phase, Rest is critical (Rest fuels Rise).
(3) Focusing in on the experience of the body provides a gateway to the clarity and inner wisdom of “being”, and in so doing, enhances, complements and nourishes the (exhausted) “thinking/doing/head” part. A working partnership.
— Wendy, New York
1) Rest is key, and yoga nidra is such an amazing and powerful healing tool. I have seen how a year of incorporating conscious rest into my life has brought changes for which I have searched for many years. Underneath all the self-care and wellness practices one can try, rest must be the foundation.
2) Doing it in community takes you farther than you’d ever get on your own (and it’s more fun that way). I have gone it alone through most of my life, but feeling a part of the group and receiving support from others has softened me.
3) Peace begins in one’s heart and in one’s own life. That is the only thing we can truly be responsible for. Yoga nidra helps us to find that peace.
— Rachel, Maryland
The Academy is all about the empowerment of women coming out of rest and not out of exhaustion. Thats revolutionary and I love it!
— Barbara, Germany
I now have such a deep understanding of the koshas and the yoga nidra map that I can incorporate into my teaching of mindfulness and meditation classes and retreats.
— Zoe, Melbourne, Australia
I loved the content inside the Academy. It is nourishing for the soul, stimulating for the mind, soothing for the body. The resources and masterclasses are fantastic.
— Marcela, California
The Plan Like a Leader module in the Academy was a big takeaway. I feel I have more focus in my business by starting with rest. This module helped to plan out how I want to bring it into the world, taking into account of the season I am in.
— Maureen, The Netherlands - Groningen
I learned the idea that yoga nidra is a peace process and a practice of love. I’m presenting the first of my Daring to Rest women’s circle with yoga nidra program with this in mind. When we feel loving, peaceful, and kind after a yoga nidra nap we can spread that around our families, our communities, and our world!
— Barbara, Pensylvania
I loved Karen as a teacher and her authenticity. I take a lot of online courses that are heavy on production. The organic nature of her technology usage (the fact that she does the mentoring sessions in her home, etc) and Karen’s embracing/embodying of chucking perfect is POWERFUL!!! Weekly mentoring was awesome! I rarely was able to attend live, but LOVED hearing about Karen’s experience and her sharing HOW she grew her own practice and the snippets of how other women in the Academy use yoga nidra.
— Melissa, Washington
I learned that rest is for me first, and as I take care of myself it flows into all areas of my life. I am now offering Daring to Rest yoga nidra to others and infusing Daring to Rest in all the other modalities that I do, like restorative yoga.
— Carol, Calgary, Alberta
Learning about the relationship between the yoga nidra script and the 5 koshas in the Academy has inspired me to share yoga nidra, since it is a pathway to self revelation.
— Beverlyn, Hawaii
The Academy taught me about honouring oneself - the training and daily practice has helped me embody the importance of honouring oneself on a daily basis. The newfound connection I now have with my soul has been life changing. Rest is crucial - the need for rest is a fundamental aspect of wellbeing. For many years I denied myself rest, eventually paying the ultimate price - burnout. Having benefitted so greatly myself, I am beyond excited to now be a agent of change with the practice of Daring to Rest. I am already ‘sprinkling’ aspects of Daring to Rest into my yoga teaching during meditation, relaxation and yoga nidra and plan to run day long workshops at my yoga studio and hosting a 5 day retreat in 2019.
— Leelee, Goulburn, NSW, Australia
I learned a lot about leading my business through being in touch with my wild woman, through trusting my intuition and feeling my inner strength. Because I am practicing yoga nidra myself daily, I am more rested, more confident, and can be more focused in leading in my business.
— Wendy, The Netherlands - Tilburg
I gained confidence in my ability to lead the meditations due to all the materials supplied and also my small pod of Daring to Rest sisters that I have been practicing with. Since retiring from my job as a teacher 8 years ago I have been suffering from ‘life purpose” fatigue. With the support of the Academy, I feel I am finding my way. I am excited to contribute to the empowerment of women through yoga nidra,
— Laurissa, Salt Spring Island, B,C, Canada
I now believe that I too can create online programs. I see that it is possible for me to have a local and online presence. Also, as a consequence of learning Daring to Rest yoga nidra, it has helped me to find balance and from there I communicate better, I listen better, I love better and I feel so much better about myself. Cultivating this ability to return to that deep inner place of ease is the backbone of all health, I believe. I now have this, and it’s made me even more passionate that I want to teach it to others.
— Lindsey, Maine
I LOVE the deep sense of tribe and sisterhood, and that together we are starting a rest revolution. I LOVE the deepening with a rest sister pod. I LOVE the fact that we did the program ourselves first to feel it in our bones. I LOVE that this is focused specifically for women to re-member. I LOVE that it continues in a forever journey and that I can deepen into the magic of rest and yoga nidra and sisterhood, and share it!
— Jo, New Zealand
Embodiment – the Daring to Rest Academy is showing me how to be more fully embodied. I am learning how to hear my own voice and how to know my own feelings. From this place, I do a better job of taking care of myself because I can actually discern what I need and want. I am also beginning to see what it’s like to guide others from a more embodied place. The more I practice yoga nidra, the deeper it sinks into my bones and I feel that knowing come through when I am creating scripts, designing classes, and guiding others. It’s the most wonderful feeling in the world.
— Rachel, Maryland
There were many, many gems. The masterclass on trauma is one standout - it was SO incredibly helpful.
— Karen, United Kingdom
Daring to Rest has lifted me into a sisterhood. My Daring to Rest pod sisters are amazing. We learn, grow, laugh, cry and create together daily. We will be linked forever due to Daring to Rest. More importantly, Karen has really moved me beyond just inspiration into action and responsibility in regards to embracing feminism. I’m more proud than ever to be a woman, reclaiming my power and helping other women to operate from the well rested model. I plan to use this training and ongoing support in the Academy as part of my Reiki/Bodywork practice, as well as teaching classes in the community. I mainly want to help people rest and heal.
— Nicole, Idaho