Leelee Donoghoe

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Goulburn, NSW, Australia

Leelee Donoghoe is an accredited yoga teacher and yoga therapist who teaches classical Hatha yoga at her studio, Yoga Presence.

As an intuitive teacher, Leelee is deeply passionate about helping people discover their true nature, which will be further enhanced as a Facilitator of Daring to Rest. Leeleeā€™s teaching is heart-centred, personalised and expressed with a style that resonates deeply with the students she serves.

Daring to Rest is the ulimate practice of Self-care.

"Daring to Rest brings you home to yourself! The practice of Daring to Rest provides much needed rest and nourishment for the body, mind and soul - a simple yet profound way to rediscover wellness and vitality in all aspects of your being. It provides the opportunity to step out of doing mode, to let go of striving, pleasing and achieving and creates space for you to move into being mode, to tend and deeply nurture your true self through rest - the ultimate act of Self-care."




tel: 0400 416 806