Lindsey Salerno Tucker

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Cape Elizabeth, Maine

I firmly believe there is a tender place of truth, love and connection within each of us. After many years of struggling with a purpose crisis and searching for answers outside myself, I finally found I hold the answers deep within my own being. It is my goal to guide as many women as possible into journeys of stillness, quiet and listening to find their tender place through Daring to Rest Yoga Nidra Meditation and energy medicine practices. I am a mom, wife, yoga teacher and energy medicine practitioner.

Daring to Rest invites us to lie down in as an act of self-love so we can eventually rise up to love the world.

"I want others to know that the simple act of lying down and being guided to be present with your body is all you need to begin to make contact with your inner most yearnings. Deep within each of us is a quiet resting space. This quiet is where you meet your true self. It is where all love resides. The unconditional deep internal love we all crave exists within each of us. It patiently waits within."


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