Nicole Harrison

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Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

I’m always seeking out new ways to thrive in life. Over my 13 years of experience working within the healthcare system, both in traditional and alternative pathways, I have gained a profound appreciation of the beauty and the complexities of the conscious body/mind system and am always looking for better ways to get to the deepest roots of the authentic self. After discovering Yoga Nidra through Daring to Rest, it has become an essential part of my daily practice. It is an honor to offer my clients this powerful tool through the simplicity of soulful rest.

Daring to Rest is Simple Stillness!

"I love supporting women in finding their soul’s voice through the art of Daring to Rest – Yoga Nidra. It’s a way to offer rest and healing to all the layers that make up who we are. Through the simplicity of rest, we can hear the call of our soul as it is the compass back to our authentic self. To rest, release and rise from a worn out women to a well rested women is a beautiful gift. This to me is the ultimate self-care. I look forward to holding space for you on your journey of Daring to Rest."