Phylicia Ghee

Alchemical Artforms - 256A - Phylicia Ghee.jpg

Baltimore, MD

Phylicia Ghee is an interdisciplinary visual artist & photographer whose artwork documents transition, explores healing, ancestral memory, ritual, ceremony & personal rites of passage. In addition to her art practice, Phylicia teaches and facilitates a series of workshops & ceremonies centered around mental & behavioral health, self-care, self-preservation and healing through various art forms. Phylicia's work has always been about embodying surrender & trust, remembering that which is authentic & indestructible within ourselves and connecting to life as a sacred & shared journey.

Daring to Rest is Union & Interconnectedness.

“ Daring to Rest reintroduces us to ourselves. It is through the practice of yoga nidra that we can reconnect with stillness & effortlessness, which initiates deep healing, rejuvenation and realignment with our natural rhythm. Yoga nidra reminds us of our center and cultivates an ability to be at peace with the uprising of the unexpected in our daily lives.“