Cheri D. Brown, D.C.


Certified Daring to Rest Facilitator

Kokomo, Indiana

Dr. Brown is the owner and founder of Moving Toward Balance, A Wellness Center. She is dedicated to providing the tools for her patients to learn to heal themselves. She treats each patient and case individually, looking at the overall view of her patient’s wellness to get to the root of the problem which helps her create, together with her patient, a unique approach to wellness and balance.

Daring to Rest, yoga nidra has been an amazing addition to the tools she offers to women. She offers monthly Daring To Rest Women’s Connections along with multiple 40 day programs throughout the year.

For Dr. Brown, moving toward balance is a life long process! It is exciting to think we can continuously learn and change to become more aware of ourselves and become more aware of what is around us.

Daring to Rest is Integrating.

“Daring to Rest opens up parts of me that have been patiently waiting to emerge and allows these parts to gently integrate into my daily life.”


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