This Woman Changemaker Got Rest and then Helped Women Rise


Yoga nidra-hallelujah!!! Last year filmmaker Megan Park decided to start the new year off lying down with yoga nidra. She was healthy and rested, so why sign up for one week of yoga nidra "napping"? Life purpose.
Here's what she wrote me in July, 6 months later:

"I want to tell you about a new project I am launching—and it came to me not long after completing the winter Yoga Nidra series I did with you. It’s called Putting Women In Their Place—a grassroots, nationwide network of film/tv/digital media professionals making campaign videos for progressive, pro-choice women running for local and regional offices (think: school board, county clerk, mayor…). I’m only just getting it off the ground but my website is now live and I give Yoga Nidra and you all the credit here for opening me up to the simple truth of what I’m good at—networking and making videos."

Megan's Putting Women In Their Place made a HUGE difference in the U.S. elections this week. 

"This crazy idea has struck a chord. More than 40% of the candidates we made videos for won their elections (some cities are still tallying votes). EVERY candidate we met was inspiring and each will continue to make important contributions to their communities in years to come. This idea only came to life because of the people & teams who volunteered their time and talents. THANK YOU to ALL of them. Our humanity is conveyed through stories. Let's keep sharing them. How about donating $40 to commemorate the 40% who got into office. Keep this important work moving forward. Donate at I'll send you cool buttons as a thank you." #womenrunwomenwin

Big shaking my #yoganidra pompom shakes! Bravo Megan, for taking time to rest and then rise.