Uniting Yoga Nidra & Essential Oils – Good Medicine

GUEST POST: Deborah Sullivan. Deborah is the owner of Sacred Ways and the creator of the Daring to Rest Essential Oil Collection. She co-teaches Daring to Rest's The Power of Yoga Nidra & Essential Oils.


Not Causing Harm – It’s a transformative experience to simply pause instead of immediately filling up the space. By waiting, we begin to connect with fundamental restlessness as well as fundamental spaciousness.”

~Pema Chodron

How do you navigate turbulent times? What helps you to center and self-reflect so you can be at choice, rather than reactive to the myriad of energies that flood in daily?  How does your body, mind, emotions and sleeping patterns transmute these ongoing energies?  Do you have practices that anchor you and support you while riding the currents that are constantly in flux and flow?

I listen to many women speak these words to describe their uncertainty in these challenging times. I know you can add to the list:  stressed, afraid, tense, depleted, unsettled, hyper vigilant, thin skinned, exhausted, flooded and overwhelmed.  Each of these words have their holy opposite: safe, ease, restored, rested, anchored, protected, peace, resilient, and optimal wellbeing.  The journey is about holding sacred space so we can meet ourselves where we are.  Then we explore the paths that lead us to our true nature, to the truth and beauty of the sacred feminine which is the container (our spiritual embryo) that gestates all these experiences.  These holy pairs are a radical invitation to become a seer in the dark, to plunge into the primordial waters and look through the glimmering light that is illuminating us from the inside.  Our eyes learn to see in the dark, our intuition becomes more refined and we become the gardens of our sacred feminine.   The raw, untamed, unbridled energies of the sacred feminine emerge.  We awaken to the truth of who we are becoming, and begin to hone the resources to grow ourselves. Moving through the inner landscapes of our being we awaken to this uncharted and mysterious precious life.

What I love about uniting the holy pair of yoga nidra and essentials oils, is as they merge they shift our energy, and transport us into the immediacy of the moment. The sacredness of the moment. They bring us to our center, to our breath, and to a way of being where we can make couscous choices.  We arrive in the present moment and can just ‘be’. They are portals lifting the veils between worlds and guide our intuition, compassion, and vision.  They speak the language of love, and of our soul’s messages. They are a sacred practice, good medicine for challenging times.

When we practice over time we create a cloak of protection, a permeable boundary of resiliency, and we take a seat in our sacred center.  We become sensitive to the nuances of frequencies, that are flowing through us before they become out of balance.  And even when we do feel off kilter, we can bring our selves home with more ease, love and acceptance.  When we take care of ourselves, we are more available to our loved ones, our intensions and visions and our sacred service on our Mother Earth.

Uniting yoga nidra and sacred scent is ‘magic’.  Together they create a powerful call invoking the energy to inspire and sustain our intentions, visions and dreams.  If you feel this call to self-reflection and creating sacred ways of reconnecting with the sacred feminine through yoga nidra and sacred scent you may enjoy three practices Karen and I offer in the rest shop.  It will be an honor to give birth to this field of love together.

Blessings of love, light, and beauty,