What if Rest Was More Effective Than a Pain Pill?


The Rest Revolution is coming, Friends...AND there is work to do.
SUNDAY, NEW YORK TIMES: I opened the paper today and this piece stood out: "I Wanted Vicodin, Not Tea."

Made me curious so I read it and Holy-Rest-Backflip...the beautiful words she heard from her doctors about REST and how FEELING pain is not a bad thing...how it actually helps us remember to rest 😴

Here's what her German anesthesiologist said about the reason why he doesn't think she should take strong pain killers after surgery:

"Pain is a part of life. We cannot eliminate it nor do we want to. The pain will guide you. You will know when to rest more; you will know when you are healing. If I give you Vicodin, you will no longer feel the pain, yes, but you will no longer know what your body is telling you. You might overexert yourself because you are no longer feeling the pain signals. All you need is rest. And please be careful with ibuprofen. It’s not good for your kidneys. Only take it if you must. Your body will heal itself with rest.”


A huge Daring to Rest-Yoga Nidra PomPom Shakes to this☄️☄️

With a little common sense, and teaching people how to Rest (because, as this woman pointed out, she had no idea HOW to Rest), we can turn the tide from non-stop doing mode...to a combination of ENERGY IN - ENERGY OUT.

Rest helps us digest, restore, and recharge.

If we numb ourselves to the signals to rest -- we fall apart.

The lesson in this piece is not to never take medication, but to not be afraid of crawling into bed and slowing down to heal.

REST is the bravery we need in our world today.

REST - and especially yoga nidra kind of rest - is medicine.✨

And...TEACHING REST is why the Daring to Rest Academy opens very soon.

Let's usher in a new restful way of being in the world.

Your thoughts?