Rest (and Rising) Takes Balls.

Courage to rest and rise.jpg

Giving yourself permission to rest is not easy.

And who has the energy to rise - to do anything - when we're so exhausted?

"It's like life has women by the balls," a friend half-joked.

A whiff of patriarchy here, a ridiculously long to-do list there.

And lots of women raising kids today have more help than our moms did. And more women have the job of their dreams.

Then how come so many women are all at our breaking points? Guilty over resting, and no time for it; no energy to rise.

Our bodies, broken.

There's this beautiful quote by Marion Woodman where she says,

I'm brave,

Brave also means

being nervous.

I think this sums up how many of us felt throughout the most recent 40 day Daring to Rest program. Over six hundred women around the world reach really deep, said ENOUGH, and finally gave themselves permission to rest.

We felt brave, and nervous.

Many women are surprised, and perhaps initially a bit disappointed, that the book Daring to Rest isn't just about sinking down onto one's bed and sleeping for 40 days. Yes, we do that...but we also rise because our souls call for both.

Burnout is when we stop listening to our soul for so long that we forget the call to rise because we don't want to rise that way, that led to the burnout, ever again.

When you have any setback, the idea of literally rising each day feels like an impossible mountain to climb.

Well, Rest Friends, it's not.

If you're struggling with anything - a medical condition, or just life falling apart - please read Katina Anne's story. She just completed the Daring to Rest 40-day program, and gave me permission to share something she recently wrote at the end of her 40 days.

"When I saw the title of Daring To Rest, quite by chance, it intrigued me as someone who has been forced to ‘rest’ daily ( well stuck in bed most of each day) for the past 18 years due to Fibromyalgia, M.E/CFS, burnout, adrenal fatigue or whatever this condition wants to be known by.
I have never felt replenished after bedrest or sleep, a common factor with these neurological conditions, thus resulting in relentless exhaustion.
I had never heard of Yoga Nidra, yoga being something I would love to try but physical restraints have prevented this.
I admit I was rather skeptical at first, how could this be any different from all the other ‘meditations’ I had tried over the years?
Having also coped with PTSD, I was cautious as many mindfulness/ meditation practices have had a contra-indicative effect on me, triggering my nervous system into freeze mode once more.
I was highly creative before becoming unwell but that appeared to have died along with my career, independence and self esteem due to this debilitating, cruel condition.
However, I now look forward to my true daily ‘rest’ as I do my daily treat of a cafetière coffee each morning!
My creativity is slowly waking up, I can feel my music and poetry igniting within me again. That is the greatest gift of all as this is who I am. A crucial part of me that had gradually faded and then was lost. For that I shall be forever grateful.

I now look forward to my true daily ‘rest’ and shall be continuing and delving deeper, as I regard this as nourishment for my soul in order to help me heal.
This, for me has been truly life-changing.
I know I have a long journey or recovery ahead of me still but yoga nidra is better than any meds or supplements!"

This is the power of deep rest.

This is the courage to rise.

This is the medicine we must feed as many women as possible.


Of course, so we get deep sleep again.

But we remember who we are.

So we can feel the music and poetry igniting within us again.

Your light is never out.

You have an internal power switch,

and THIS is what Daring to Rest will help you turn back on.

Please, feed yourself this medicine. Commit to rest. (and chuck perfect when you miss the mark).

The courage to truly rise in our lives today, and in this world, is no longer just striving...the becoming.  It's also got to include "rest and digest"...the being.

Burnout is when we throw it all into "either/or" pots. Something you and I may know all too well.

Thriving is this rich soup of "and/both." Rules are dropped, lines blurred...we're FREE to say what we feel our bodies and accept them...and stop putting ourselves down for not fitting into one pot.

This is often when we start being good to ourselves. Finally.

Women today are struggling for more sleep, this is real, but we are also, in our bones, struggling for autonomy and freedom.

Both is the promise of Daring to Rest.

Rest and rising takes balls.

With love & yoga nidra somersaults,



* * *

If you feel like also feeding others this medicine, the last chance to join the Daring to Rest Academy is this Sunday, February 25th.  The women joining the academy are from all over the world - Canada, Australia, Holland, US, UK. They are brave and nervous. They want to plant the seeds of daring to rest, and they want to make sure they're daring to rest too.  It's okay to hold both.