The Freedom of Having No Plan

Led a yoga nidra meditation yesterday afternoon for the women in my Rest Tribe. Oh, how I love the first Tuesday of the month, when I get to sleep with these women.

I used to prepare a neat and tidy yoga nidra nap for these sisters, sometimes a week in advance. Women liked it.

Lately I've changed. Now I do not prepare at all. I tune in. I write down nothing. I am totally unprepared in the ways I have been trained my whole THINK things through... to plan, plan, plan.

I have thrown the plan out.

Instead of reliable, I am choosing risk.

A consistent yoga nidra meditation practice leads you to risk every time. Why? Because when you lie down you're guided into stillness and it's through the inherent stillness in yourself that you find freedom. Lying down will get you to this spacious, open place quickly. You begin to atune to your aliveness. And it's here, you feel safe and can embrace risk.

I've been practicing a lot of yoga nidra lately. Sometimes twice per day. The poignant pause always reveal right action. Something comes to you. A messenger. A feminine voice.

My messenger said: it's time to take a risk with the way you lead your yoga nidra. It may be a bloody mess, and that's okay.

I love yoga nidra meditation because ultimately it teaches us to go beyond the chains of either/or thinking.

I am no longer apologizing for what may be a bloody mess. Because all women know, deep in our cells, it's the bloody mess that makes us whole. This is a woman's journey for much of her life, every month, to accept her bloody mess, and see it as a cleansing gift that keeps us aligned with who we truly are.

Next time you need to prepare for something remember to leave space for that WILD place that says YES to the bloody mess. Don't just think your way there. FEEL your way. Tune in.

If you need help, lay down with yoga nidra meditation, listen for a whisper at the end, and then create from this quiet space.

When we listen quietly, there's magic in the bloody mess.

With a yoga nidra summer sweaty heat wave smile,