The Healthcare Sisterhood Test

Lately I've been dreaming a lot about good quality healthcare, the kind where we feel a YES with the person helping to support our well-being.

I hear over and over again how many women don't feel good about their healthcare provider.

In fact, after years of going from doctor to doctor about my gynecological health issues with no answers it was during my first yoga nidra training where after practicing yoga nidra one day I saw a mass in my reproductive area and knew they needed to look further. (they did, and found lots of fibroids).

How could my intuition find answers that no health provider could?

For those who are already skeptical about conventional healthcare and believe in the power of intuition you may not feel surprised. But lately I'm imagining a world where our intuition and our healthcare providers worked side by side.

A few weeks ago I met a doctor who gave me a clue to what it's going to take to achieve this.

When I walked into this new doctor's office I was nervous. Yet within minutes the doctor said four words to me that changed everything. She said:

Today we are sisters.

She said when a woman walks into her office, part of her job is to treat her as if she is her sister. To be kind, gentle, and loving.

I immediately thought of the first chakra, our root chakra at the base of the spine. This chakra is like your backbone; it grounds you, and builds tribal self-esteem. You don't feel alone. As Carolyn Myss says, it's your "earth ID." When you're disconnected from it, it feels traumatic.

Today we are sisters.

After my doctor's visit, I started thinking about how we could screen our healthcare providers for this kind of care.

I'm calling this screening the Sisterhood Test.

The moment your healthcare provider sees you as her sister this helps you remember exactly who you are; you're plugged back in to your true self. It's okay to be you and to trust them with your well-being.

What if we put all our healthcare providers, conventional and alternative, through the Sisterhood Test? They don't need to say the words "Today you are my sister," but they do need to meet a set of criteria that make us feel:

  • rooted in who we are
  • able to speak our truth
  • Safe and secure in our physical body

You need a lot of courage to put the Sisterhood Test into action. It may mean walking away from a doctor who you like, but is not serving your root. If you have not experienced true sisterhood growing up, for example your real sisters or family members did not support your wellbeing, then the Sisterhood Test will challenge your tribal loyalty. Too many times we end up with care providers that do not serve us because that's all we know. A new belief system seems impossible.

Someone who is your sister believes in the universal law that all is one. Your care provider and you are one. If this isn't so, you may need to go shopping (for a new one).

So how does yoga nidra thread into this conversation? Yoga nidra points you back to your true nature. It keeps you rooted. The more we practice techniques that keep us rooted, the easier it becomes to apply the Sisterhood Test. We gain courage. It's no coincidence that when we experience a health crisis we are more present and as a result many people change doctors, to ones that feel more in synch with who they are and who adhere to an all is one philosophy.

The great news is that yoga nidra brings us to the present moment - lying down. We don't have to wait for a health crisis.

Yes, I'll shake my yoga nidra pom poms to that :)