I came to this training for rest, but at the core, I wanted a different, more feminine approach to yoga nidra; I wanted more training to better help my patients, and I took away a new found spark of life that had been buried deep inside myself.
— Cheri Brown, Daring to Rest Academy

Help bring the message of rest to women (and men too*).

The Daring to Rest™Academy is a unique online training and membership opportunity for coaches, yoga teachers, healers, wellness practitioners, leadership professionals and others who support women.  The Academy includes:



Personal Development. Our training starts with you receiving rest. Experience Karen’s Daring to Rest yogic sleep program through the practice yoga nidra meditation and other tools for deep transformation. You’ll identify what journeying from worn out to well-rested means to you as you experience the Daring to Rest tools as well as Q&A with Karen.

Phase Two

Professional Development.  As you rest, you’ll also receive training to teach yoga nidra meditation and use the Daring to Rest method with your clients and groups. You’ll learn how to bring this work into your professional life to make a difference in the lives of women, differentiate your work, and enjoy renewed passion in your business.

*While this is ideal if you work with people who identify as a woman, you don't have to work exclusively with women to join us.

Next Enrollment: February 2019

Here’s what women in the Academy are saying

This training was life changing for me. I was excited to learn to teach the technique, but was pleasantly surprised by just how profound the impact on my personal life has been. Things that seemed to just “shift” or “turn around” without effort or explanation beyond staying committed to my daily Yoga Nidra practice. The changes were across all spectrums, my emotions, food choices and cravings, relationships, energy levels, sleep habits, mental clarity and so much more. The amazing thing is, during this time I have been under elevated levels of stress and yet I seem to be coping better than ever to the overwhelming situation. I was surprised my ability to really avoid rushing myself through the content just to keep up with the class.

Karen was BEYOND AMAZING as an instructor. The content and the delivery were both more than I expected. I’ve taken several online courses for CEU’s and such and this class was the best by far. Weekly mentoring was so juicy and relevant and downright amazing.

The delivery methods were above and beyond what I could have hoped for in my wildest imagination. Most courses offer 1 method, and MIGHT offer the possibility of recorded replay for a limited time. The fact that the DTR content came live, recorded, and with transcripts is unheard of.

I know that so many of us are going to be doing so many great things to heal this world.

I was diagnosed with a general anxiety disorder several years ago. My life has never been the same. I had become a shell of the woman I used to be. Since I have been introduced to Daring to Rest, my life is slowly returning to a more (normal) balanced state. I still have a long way to go, but I’ve also come a very long way. There really aren’t words for me convey my level of gratitude for this program. My best effort is to pay it forward. I feel very strongly that if I can recognize a need and how to serve that need, I’m winning at life. Yoga Nidra is the secret sauce that humanity needs and I want to serve that need. The world we live in has reached critical mass in regards to it’s sleep crisis. Things really must change, and as cliche as it might be, I am willing to be the change I wish to see in the world.
— Nicole
I am so loving everything about the Academy. I am learning so much and yet feel like I am doing so little...huge paradigm shift there! The huge shifts are coming as I do nothing!! Wow, still amazes me!

I notice that my perspective is shifting just in general to feel more clear in experiences and people around me. It is completely changing the course of my life and career path. I feel that I will be offering from a deeper, more rooted awareness that comes from deep within me that I have gained access with Daring to Rest yoga nidra!! 💜💜💜💜

I feel so peaceful and calm and it is just so nice. I definitely have had shadows that have come up too throughout and it was like it comes into my awareness, I acknowledge it and am able to let it go. I have also just had emotions come up with no story behind it and I just release those too.

I heard Marianne Williamson say today that it is not ambition but inspiration we need to garner when moving forward on our paths. Trying or forcing gets us nowhere but allowing the inspiration and the intelligence of the Universe to guide our path will bring us deep joy.

This is the first time in my life that I can say I have deep faith that the Universe has my back and trust that all areas will come together as they should. This is huge because I was really stuck on when or how things would come together with my business and relationship. Both things are out of my focus and it is all about me becoming a fully, rooted woman and as I move closer to embodying more of that energy which brings clarity I am seeing glimmers of her and so looking forward to experiencing more.
— Marilyn