If you're ready to start believing in your ability to heal, then it's time to consider using an essential oil. 

I always like to say, that the deep rest of yoga nidra is not necessarily the solution to your problems, it leads you to the solutions. For me, a big solution was essential oils.


Years ago, when I was a panic attack mess, the combination of yoga nidra and essential oils made a huge difference. Just the whiff of lavender in a crowded store could shift me out of a panic attack. Essential oils helped me take back my health.

When I discovered doTERRA, learned about their mission, and their fair practices working with local people to harvest and process the highest quality of oils, I was curious. And I resisted - a lot - until I realized that for women a company like doTERRA helps us step into leadership roles, help others live a healthy lifestyle, and provides the financial freedom we deserve. 

There are two options. Start using doTERRA products in your home using this link. Diffuse doTERRA Serenity blend at night for sleep, or use before your yoga nidra meditation. You may also wish to consider being part of the team I'm building by becoming a wellness advocate. Fill out the form below and let's partner to discover what's right for you.

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