A community of Women Dreamers daring to rest and dream big together


Starts January 27th


Dear Woman Dreamer,


What if you had a community of women to rest & dream big with all year long?

Women are great at getting things done - and burning out in the process.

My hand is so raised here. You too?

But what if this year you forged a 'new normal' and decided

No more resolutions.

Start 2017 with RESTolutions.

Find your sankulpa.


Sankulpa is an intention you make that serves your highest truth. It honors the deepest meaning in your life.

How it works:

Once a day for 7 days starting Monday, January 9th you'll receive a free yoga nidra rest meditation and instructions via Facebook Live and a written PDF on how to identify your big dreams for 2017. Then all you do is lay down and rest for 20 minutes.

Simple. Restful. And FREE.


You'll come away with:

  • The best sleep EVER. Yoga nidra is a natural sleep aid.
  • Clarity on what you want to focus on in 2017.
  • The first step to saying goodbye to the worn out woman and hello to the well-rested woman


What if you set intentions from a well-rested place this year?


Women Dream felt like the Beginning of My Life. As a result, I am BOLDLY taking risks and not looking back.
— Hillery Lyen


Rest more & dream big in 2017.


Starts January 9th.