A unique opportunity for wellness and leadership professionals, yoga teachers, coaches, doulas, ligthworkers, and anyone who wants to help women* dare to rest.

*While the Daring to Rest Academy is geared towards working with people who identify as a woman, you don't have to work exclusively with women to join us.


Starts September 25, 2018



What is the Daring to Rest Academy?

We are sparking a rest revolution.

The Daring to Rest Academy trains facilitators in the practices inside Karen Brody's book "Daring to Rest: Reclaim Your Power with Yoga Nidra Rest Meditation."  You're given training in yoga nidra, known as the Sleep of the Yogi, plus powerful Daring to Rest curriculums to start helping women lift layers of exhaustion, rise up to the best version of themselves. and create a new profitable stream of income doing something you love.

At the Academy, we are supporting YOU to dare to rest and teaching you how to share yoga nidra, and the practices inside the book Daring to Rest, with women. (and you can share them with men too!). 

Women need help now more than ever to dare to rest.

We are fiercely dedicated to changing the worn out woman paradigm and helping women take back rest. Why? Consider this...

Eighty percent of people with autoimmune diseases are women. Over fifty percent of sleep disorders are experienced by women. And between 2003 and 2015 there was a 344% increase in women ages 15 to 44 taking ADHD medication (and a 560% increase in women 30-34).

Women are clearly tremendously exhausted. And what is the remedy for exhaustion? Rest. But today, it takes courage to lay down and rest, and we must re-teach women how to rest because our long to-do lists, and a "do more" culture, have caused us to loose this art of lying down. At the Academy, we teach you the skills to help women dare to rest, and back you up with curriculums, marketing support, and a tribe of women who love yoga nidra and believe passionately that this tool is both rest and empowerment for our modern times. At it's root, yoga nidra is a peace practice.