An Empath's Guide to Thriving in Today's Modern World

Whoa…Sometimes a book shows up just when you need it. I rarely watch the news. I know it makes me feel horrible, but for several weeks over the past month I felt sucked into watching news that broke my heart. Every night, another chapter would unfold on the screen, causing more exhaustion. News replaced my morning yoga nidra meditation for the first week - that’s how much I was caught up in the hypnotic pull of the news. And then Judith Orloff’s book, The Empath’s Survival Guide, showed up and I was reminded of something I already know - that I’m an empath and I need to protect myself. In fact, when the news is so crazy, this is exactly when we need to be UPing all our heart tools, like yoga nidra, not sitting in front of the news drowning our hearts in the pain of the day.

In this month’s episode, Judith and I spend time together talking about everything from:

  • what an empath is

  • ways to stay empathic without burning out

  • a 3-minute heart meditation that can transform a stressful day

  • a simple stress dial practice to do with your empathic children

  • we talk about exciting neuroscientific findings explaining the empath experience

  • how to get rid of emotional hangovers after seeing relatives or from stressful home or work places

  • why so many empaths are misdiagnosed with depression, anxiety and chronic fatigue. (this is HUGE - please listen to understand this)

  • current news and how not to feel so exhausted and anxious.

“You are stronger than anything that’s happening now,” Judith tells us. “Don’t see yourself as a victim."

We can thrive in our lives, women - protection strategies are out there and in this episode Judith offers a ton of them.

If you’ve ever been called “too sensitive” and if you’re looking for concrete tools to navigate modern life, then make yourself something calm to drink, and lean back, and listen.

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