The Liminal Dreaming & Yoga Nidra Connection with Jennifer Dumpert


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With the nidra, with the liminal dreaming, you have to let go to a certain degree. You have to surrender to what the process is, you have to take the time for it, and your unconscious is going to do whatever work it is that you need to do. But there’s a certain amount of surrender that’s involved, and in a way, that’s the thing that people are so unwilling to stop and do.
— Jennifer Dumpert

As with yoga nidra, liminal dreaming requires us to surrender. To let go and drop into a space of deep relaxation. To have a conversation with the unconscious. So, what, exactly is liminal dreaming and when does it occur? And how can we develop a dream practice around it that supports creativity and problem-solving—and improves our overall wellbeing?

Jennifer Dumpert is a writer, speaker and consciousness hacker who teaches the practice of liminal dreaming. She is also the founder of Oneironauticum, a global organization that explores the phenomenological experience of dreams as a means of self-actualization and consciousness expansion. Jennifer’s new book, Liminal Dreaming: Exploring Consciousness at the Edges of Sleep, offers readers a step-by-step process for creating their own meaningful dream practice.

Today, Jennifer joins the Daring to Rest Podcast talk about liminal dreaming and discuss its characteristic irregular brainwaves. She explores the yoga nidra + liminal dream connection, speaking to the restorative quality of the practice and the best way to facilitate liminal dreaming via slow and deep nidras. Jennifer also explains why scents and smells make excellent oneirogens and shares some of the most common olfactory and auricular allies for liminal dreaming. Listen in for insight on processing liminal dreams to develop your own practice and learn how Thomas Edison and Salvador Dalí practiced liminal dreaming for creativity and problem-solving!

Key Takeaways

The definition of liminal dreaming and its irregular brainwaves

The differences among REM sleep, lucid and liminal dreaming

How liminal dreaming serves as a pathway to lucid dreaming

Where in the yoga nidra map people go into liminal dreaming

The restorative quality of an experience in liminal dreaming

How to process liminal dreams as part of a core practice

The value in focusing on the experience of a dream in your body

Jennifer’s powerful experience with collective dreaming

Why scents and smells make excellent oneirogens for dreaming

The benefit to crafting your own liminal dream practice

How slow and deep nidras facilitate liminal dreaming

The reasons behind the growing awareness of hypnagogia

How liminal dreaming presents in older people + small children

The liminal dream process used by Edison + Dali for creativity