Inside the Daring to Rest Academy with Tribe 3


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Today on the Daring to Rest podcast I'm taking you inside the most recent tribe in the Daring to Rest Academy who just finished their Daring to Rest yoga nidra training a couple of months ago.

I didn't realize it until we were all together, but each woman who shares her story on this episode have very different professional background and have journeyed through the Daring to Rest Academy quite differently too. From an intuitive astrologer and soul counselor, to a Qoya teacher and trainer who is also a reiki master, to a health psychology professor at one of the most prestigious women's college's in the United States. I love that rest brought us together, and I hope you’ll enjoy hearing about the creative ways these women are bringing to fruition and dreaming about sharing the message of rest.

The Daring to Rest Academy started as a dream I had to create an online and easy way for women around the world to come together, in sisterhood, to learn how to feel like a well-rested woman, lead like a well-rested woman, and share the message of rest with others. As you'll learn in this episode, inside the Academy we train you in yoga nidra meditation, the Daring to Rest method, and so much more that can't be easily laid out in a bullet pointed list.

It is urgent to have rest whisperers - guides - in our culture planting the seeds of rest. Rest gives us resilience, presence and so many long-term sustainable tools to feel more peaceful. And I believe in my bones that this yoga nidra kind of deep peace within will trickle up to a more peaceful, less-inflamed world.

As Benita shared on the podcast, "I just think how revolutionary it would be if our heads of state started their meetings off with rest, and all our college classes did that too. Imagine how much clarity and power we would have if we were able to step into all the places we come together with a pause."

This is the rest revolution we're building, community by community, at the Daring to Rest Academy. 

In this month's episode of the podcast we have lots of yummy conversations like this, and we also give you an idea of what it would be like to join the Academy. Listen in & join us!

Key Takeaways

How it’s possible to enjoy the Academy even if you can’t make the live online mentoring

When the start date of the Academy doesn’t work for you, and why it didn’t matter for Claire and Benita

How the Rest & Digest Phase is missing in our lives and Daring to Rest teaches us to take it back

The power of combining Daring to Rest with the lunar cycles

The yummy combination of Daring to Rest after movement like Qoya

Taking Daring to Rest into college and academic settings

Bringing Daring to Rest to activists to avoid burnout and lead from the feminine

Why we start our mentoring calls in the Academy connecting to our heart, and then ripple out to the world

The importance of creating a well-rested world and spaces where people can rest, from colleges to governments

How deep connection takes place in the Academy even though we are online and not in person

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