Raising a Child With Learning Differences: Dyslexia, Exhaustion, and Fighting for Your Child's Light


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My son Jacob had his first psychoeducational evaluation in the second grade. He scored in the 110th percentile in critical thinking, but his reading score was in the 2nd percentile. Jacob was diagnosed with dyslexia, a condition that makes it difficult for people to read quickly and automatically—but has no connection to their overall intelligence. In fact, dyslexics are typically fast creative thinkers with strong reasoning abilities. (Think Richard Branson, Albert Einstein, Leonardo DaVinci). But, for many, getting through traditional educational systems are tough. So, how has Jacob navigated the school system with this learning difference? And what have I learned in the process of raising a dyslexic child?

Today, Jacob joins me to share his experience with dyslexia, discussing his ongoing challenges with reading comprehension and the benefits of the multisensory curriculum he experienced starting at age ten. I offer insight around when we realized Jacob had a learning difference and the value in getting your child tested early. Listen in to understand how yoga nidra helped me manage the dyslexia journey with Jacob and learn how he is incorporating the practice into his life at college!


Key Takeaways

How The Yale Center for Dyslexia & Creativity defines dyslexia

The discrepancy between Jacob’s critical thinking and reading scores

The strategies dyslexics use to improve reading comprehension

When we started to realize Jacob had a learning difference

The value in getting your child tested early to access the right services

The concept of parenting with firm kindness to establish boundaries

How The Lab School served as ‘the right island’ for Jacob

The challenges Jacob faced in navigating theatre class

How yoga nidra helped me manage exhaustion during the dyslexia journey

How Jacob is incorporating yoga nidra into his life at college

Jacob’s ongoing challenge around taking longer to read a text

Jacob’s advice on surrounding yourself with the right people

How Jacob wants to make an impact by spreading positivity in the world

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