Yoga nidra is by far the best self-care routine I have come across. And I have come across many!! I am a big believer in the Daring to Rest philosophy. At first I thought, who has time to lie down? I have to exercise, work, and there is always some cleaning and tidying to do. But since I started practicing, I realize I *do* have the time to give myself. I just have to take it. Thank you for giving me permission to do so.

An avid fan,
— Lisa Black
Of any program, book, speaker, Daring to Rest meets me where, not only I am, but where so many of my “sisters” are today.
— Phyllis
I have struggled with sleep issues for over thirty years. I have tried many things, but I feel that in a short time and only at the third meditation, I am seeing and feeling the benefits.
— Ingrid
I used to do vipassana regularly but that practice fell apart when post partum hormones sucked the life out of me. But because the universe always had my back I found Yoga Nidra again through Daring to Rest in January and it’s my totally my jam right now. I love it because It’s meditation and a body nap in one shot...about 20-40 mins a day! In addition to helping me feel rested and clear, you tap into your subconscious can do some reprogramming! I highly recommend the Daring to Rest for anyone (especially moms) looking for something different!
— Sarah Marion
For me the Daring to Rest journey was a life saver. I didn’t expect much at the beginning but it really has been beyond my wildest expectations. For the first time in many years I started to feel like ME again, happy, rested, optimistic, at peace and so much more. There were a lot of AHA moments during this journey, one of the latest was understanding the principle of opposites in practice. For the last four years I have been experiencing the greatest joy and happiness of being a mother to my 4 year old adopted daughter and at the same time experiencing biggest sadness and sorrow over my husband’s Parkinson disease and his disability after a motorbike accident last year. I was struggling to navigate thorough this palette of emotions thinking that I can be either happy or sad. But then it dawned to me while I was doing the opposites in the Daring to Rest program that I can be all these, that I can be WHOLE - that I don’t have to choose between being either happy or sad, I can be all of these and just be whole. It is difficult to explain with words what exactly happened, but there was a shift deep within me, an understanding that helps me now to be more at peace with what is going on in my life. I am not sure if this is what opposites teach us but for me it was a revelation. I also like the name of my touchstone which is NURTURE and my RISE phase is all about nurturing myself and to start feeling my wild woman again. And my song is FLY LIKE AN EAGLE by Steve Miller. There is so much more I could write but gotta go pick up my daughter. Just know that I am so so grateful.
— ‪Marjana J.
Loving the DTR program! Started 5 weeks postpartum and it’s made a HUGE difference... I’m so grateful, thank you! Not only was it restful, but it was time to reconnect with myself-so important during a time like postpartum when I’m giving so much.
— Dana Whiddon
Is it possible to already feel a shift? After day 16 of the Daring to Rest Program, I have this greater sense of overall calm about me. I am sleeping better and not feeling as tired, which then of course, has reduced my brain fog, enabled me think more clearly, feel more confident, better mood, and major decrease in pain. This is something that I had not been able to achieve consistently with my normal mindfulness and meditation practice.

I have to also say that it is quite amazing. And I am now wondering geez do other people feel like this? Like, wow, I lived in such a state of rush and doing for so long, and just thought that was the way I was supposed to be. And I don’t think I realized how shot my nervous system really was. I always tried to rise above. I also used to be an emotion “stuffer” and internalized a lot. No more!
— Mary Brown
I began the Daring to Rest program open minded but a bit skeptical—I wasn’t sure what I’d discover or if it would truly impact me—but halfway through the 40 days I experienced a profound shift that inspired me to keep exploring this aspect of myself. Surprisingly, the insight arrived during my regular yoga class and not the Daring to Rest meditation itself, which is proof the trainings were absorbed into my body and mind, even on evenings when I fell asleep! As someone in a season of navigating parenthood, career, and creativity, I’m grateful to have yoga nidra as another tool to support me along the way.
— Nicole Gulotta
When I saw the title of Daring To Rest, quite by chance, it intrigued me as someone who has been forced to ‘rest’ daily ( well stuck in bed most of each day) for the past 18 years due to Fibromyalgia, M.E/CFS, burnout, adrenal fatigue or whatever this condition wants to be known by. I have never felt replenished after bedrest or sleep, a common factor with these neurological conditions, thus resulting in relentless exhaustion.
I had never heard of Yoga Nidra, yoga being something I would love to try but physical restraints have prevented this.

I admit I was rather sceptical at first, how could this be any different from all the other ‘meditations’ I had tried over the years?

Having also coped with PTSD, I was cautious as many mindfulness/ meditation practices have had a contraindicative effect on me, triggering my nervous system into freeze mode once more.
I was highly creative before becoming unwell but that appeared to have died along with my career, independence and self esteem due to this debilitating, cruel condition.

However, I now look forward to my true daily ‘rest’ each morning! My creativity is slowly waking up, I can feel my music and poetry igniting within me again. That is the greatest gift of all as this is who I am. A crucial part of me that had gradually faded and then was lost. For that I shall be forever grateful.

I now look forward to my true daily ‘rest’ and shall be continuing and delving deeper, as I regard this as nourishment for my soul in order to help me heal.

This, for me has been truly life-changing.
I know I have a long journey or recovery ahead of me still but yoga nidra is better than any meds or supplements!

Thank you from my heart.
— Katina Anne
I have been forcibly silenced by a bullying manager at work which has left me feeling battered and bruised and reluctant to ‘enter the arena’ again. But, I am finding my voice again through the Daring to Rest programme. What a relief. There is much I want and need to bring.
— Anonymous
Thanks so much Karen! Your Daring to Rest program has been a delight— truly and deeply soul nourishing. Thanks for reminding me that I have a Wild Woman.

Thanks for being such a powerful and needed change agent and consciousness raiser to help us right what has been for a long time truly out of wack but seen as “normal.” Thanks for reminding women (and me) that our feminine bodies and nature is not somehow less than or wrong or defective but by embracing our “feminine” in every sense of the word we help heal ourselves AND the planet.
— Marie LoParco
‪Karen Brody‪ and her personal goal of helping women find their true power and intention through the practice of “Daring to Rest” is awesome. I’ve been a fan for years and recommend her and the practice of Yoga Nidra to all of the expecting and new Mommas I work with. As someone who has NEVER been able to nap (I feel like I’ve had a pitcher of margaritas and I’m hung over for a few days following any attempted nap - I know, it’s terrible!) the fact that I can do 20 minutes of one of Karen’s Yoga Nidra sessions and feel refreshed and recharged is nothing short of amazing!‬
— Barb Suarez
Karen, I will never tire of expressing my deep gratitude to you for giving me the gift of yoga nidra. And I hope you never grow tired of hearing it. I love to surround myself with all kinds of strategies and support systems, but truly, I can’t imagine facing fertility challenges without your voice guiding me in yoga nidra. You are helping me accept the beauty of the journey and the disappointment as it is, as my authentic self, with fear and trust, both-and. You are helping me come home to me in a situation I never thought I would experience. Thank you.
— Sarah Burke Dimitrova
Thank you for yoga nidra! I have had a very stressful couple of years and currently having some neurological health issues. I was recommended meditation by several people but just didn’t have the motivation or know how to begin. Your yoga Nidra has benefited me greatly in only 8 days of doing it. It’s now a part of my daily routine for life. Thank you again! I too am a Yoga Nidra cheerleader now.
— Lesley, Ontario, Canada
You can’t imagine how magical it feels to me to have found you. I do not think that I have ever found anybody’s instructions for a spiritual - restorative journey as accessible to me. I am a very critical human, with questions for so many things and also with a sensitive ear that hurts easily when people speak.. I have nothing at all that jars when I enjoy your work. I just drop myself into the care of your voice and am able to let it all go. I am SO deeply grateful You have something beautiful and deserve women to listen your meditations as much as they deserve to find you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and all the limbs and brain-waves which are collectively saying: thank you for the stillness you helped me find.. thank you.
— Birgit, Iceland
Karen’s Yoga Nidra has helped me personally with my anxiety levels tremendously. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
— Julie, Belgium
This has been the “icing on the cake” for what I have been seeking. I feel the transformation within myself and I LOVE my yoga nidra meditation before I go to bed. Now, I can’t imagine a day WITHOUT it! Thank you for bringing Yoga Nidra into my life—you are an amazing woman (sister)!!!
— Mae, Florida
I am writer, a businesswoman, a mother of a child with special needs, and on top all of that, I have multiple autoimmune disorders, including often crippling chronic fatigue. While I have been a fan of Bold Tranquility from the beginning, more recently I feel something shifting inside myself, renewing my energy and ability to focus. I usually wake in the morning with brain fog and agitated. After getting everyone out of the house and having my breakfast, around the time a newborn would take her first nap, I lay down and do yoga nidra with Karen’s calm voice guiding me toward deep rest. Because Karen is attuned to the demands of women in our time, her guidance speaks directly to our frustration and burnout. The Bold Tranquility recordings help me relax, get clear, and cope with life’s hardships — and then get to work.
— Saundra, Texas
I am so happy about a result I got from the Good Health series yoga nidra meditation (part of your Well-Rested Woman one year journey). I have been suffering from a lot of nerve pain and complications of shingles for the past four months. Today I wrote down the affirmation you gave in the weekly note you email. It was: “I am open to exploring all issues of my health mental, emotional physical and spiritual. I trust that whatever issues are in the way of my full realization will be released spontaneously and effortlessly.” Without struggle or effort I took the medicine I needed to feel better. I let go of the previously unconscious “issue” that I needed to suffer. I thought I had other “good “reasons for not wanting to take medication. This was huge for me. And it only took 4 months or 62 years to let go of that resistance. (Haha!) Thank you so much. Practicing yoga nidra with you daily has been integral to my recovery.
— Pam