It's been said that 45 minutes of yoga nidra feels like 3 hours of sleep in your body. {Yes!}.

Daring to Rest Yoga Nidra Series

Each series comes with three yoga nidra meditations. Also included is a short audio “rest note” from Daring to Rest founder, Karen Brody. You can download and listen right after purchase. You can also gift it to someone in need of deep rest. Excellent for women who are following our 40-Day Daring to Rest program and want more nidras for each phase…or to practice without following our Daring to Rest program. Most nidras begin with a reading from Pixie Lighthorse's beautiful Honoring Voice book.


Looking for a gentle way to let go of worry? Our Honoring Anxiety Daring to Rest yoga nidra series was made to help you relax your nervous system and give you back your soul-life, that inner world that’s rarely fed when you’re so busy. Anxiety can’t survive here. The soul knows you’re more than the fear you’ve been struggling with. And, halle-yoga-nidra-lujah, there’s yoga nidra to show you the way back to more hope, calm, and ease. There’s lots of detailed breathwork in these nidras including a complete chakra cleanse in the Rise Phase yoga nidra and Daring to Rest’s signature soul whisper tracking. After purchase, you’ll receive three yoga nidras that are approximately 30 minutes, a rest note from Karen and an optional “rest prescription” for you to follow.

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Three nidras to restore yourself.  All are approximately 35-40 minutes - ideal for giving yourself supreme relaxation during the day, for going to sleep at night, or getting back to sleep. There’s lots of guiding through chakras and sweeping away tension. Treat yourself to the kind of sleep that makes a difference.

Are you worth 15-20 minutes of rest? These three Daring to Rest yoga nidra meditations are short and made with love to help busy women go from worn out to well-rested. Perfect for a mid-day nidra nap between work commitments or errands. Also ideal for getting to sleep and for waking in the night or early morning waking.

Do you feel an ache in your heart? Sorrow is exhausting. The three Daring to Rest yoga nidra meditations in this series (30-40 minutes each) were designed to help you come back into harmony, feel nourish, and sleep while you’re navigating any form of grief.

Want to stop wasting precious energy feeling ashamed of chronic health issues or embarrassed by not appearing perfect? Love is the answer. The beauty of this Honoring Love sleep series is that all you have to do to feel more tender towards yourself is lie down, listen to a guided voice and do nothing.

Clear the mind. Feel a sense of inner peace and tranquility. This series of short nidra naps, each approximately 20 minutes, helps release stress from your mind and uniquely guides you to ask a question you need clarity on in your life and then let nidra inform you of the answer. Ideal before rising in the morning or guiding you to sleep at night, and great for lunchtime.

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They’re here! Our first-ever Daring to Rest walking nidra series. Rest and movement. The walking nidra series will help you slow down your monkey mind, feel renewed, and get some exercise. There’s lots of breathwork throughout. And if you’d prefer to lay down and listen, you can do that too. These nidras are approximately 35-40 minutes each.

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