"Karen's that rare combination of funny, knowledgable, and calm." - Lisa, Audience member

Women's Health and Leadership Expert, Karen Brody, is a powerful blend of humor, storytelling, and practical support to help women feel well-rested.

There are a lot of people talking about getting a good night's sleep and resting more. Karen shows women how to do it - and then how they can rise up and change the world from a well-rested place.

As the author of the highly acclaimed book "Daring to Rest," a 40-Day soulful sleep program for women, Karen speaks to audiences around the world telling stories and teaching them an ancient yogic sleep tool that has been called "the zero stress zone." She inspires women to dare to rest, and shows them simple ways to reduce stress, reclaim calm and start living like a well-rested woman.

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Keynote Speaker Karen Brody's Perspective.

Karen believes exhaustion and huge amounts of unpredictable stress are today's top issues for women and their employers. Helping women rise up and thrive takes more than typical selfcare tools like more exercise and eating healthy foods. It starts with getting deep rest. When people get deep rest they sleep better, feel calmer, and find their creative spark again. Consequently, well-rested women make the best leaders - we just need to show them how.

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Karen Brody has put together a program that makes yoga nidra ‘sleep’ meditation relevant and accessible to 21st-century women, who may need the practice more than any previous generation.
— Sharon Salzberg, Bestselling author of "Real Happiness"

Forty-five minutes of yogic sleep feels like 3 hours of sleep in your body.

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Karen's keynotes are like CPR for worn out women.

She speaks for associations, organizations, small businesses, entrepreneur events and universities interested in galvanizing women (and men) to dare to rest, remember how much their bodies rock, and leave inspired to rise up to their best, well-rested selves.

In addition to being a keynote speaker, she leads 1 to 3 hour programs around the topics of:

  • The Daring to Rest "Cleanse" for women.
  • Sleep: How to reclaim it, power down, and reboot all of you.
  • The Well-Rested Woman Leader:  rest first, then dream big.
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Karen's first panic attack came in her boyfriend's dorm room while he read her poetry. She thought she was having a heart attack only to be told by healthcare professionals that it was panic. She shouldn't have been too surprised. As a child, she remembers her father calling emergency medical technicians in the middle of the night because he thought he was having a heart attack, only for her father to be sent home with never any mention of a heart attack.

When Karen realized that these trips to the hospital must have been her father having panic attacks, she prepared for a life of anxiety and continual burnout until one day she walked into a yoga studio and discovered yoga nidra, a sleep-based meditation technique - what she calls her "Super Nap."  To her surprise, within a year, despite raising two active boys under the age of five, she was off anti-anxiety medication, felt more energy than she had in years, and thanks to the new energy she had from yoga nidra, she went on to write a critically-acclaimed play, BIRTH, called "The Vagina Monologues of childbirth" with global productions raising over one million dollars to improve maternity care around the world.

Soon Karen was on a mission to tell other women about this Super Nap that was changing her life. She got trained in it, and began offering 40-day experiences for women. The results were phenomenal. Women in her programs reported getting the best sleep of their lives, feeling calmer than ever, increased sexual desire, and bursts of energy and creativity at both home and work. 

Today, Karen runs the Daring to Rest Academy, training wellness professionals around the world in her Daring to Rest program, and she delivers keynote talks and workshops that inspire people to:

  • Give themselves permission to rest.
  • Learn how to rest and what rest is. 
  • Lead from a well-rested place. 

Karen's talks include stories, research, calming breathwork, and an inspirational chant that will get everyone out of their seats.

To read more about Karen and Daring to Rest media go here.

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While Karen can customize a talk just for your event, below are two of her signature presentations.

The Rest Cure for Women: Nap Your Way to Your Best Self

In this keynote, Karen shows you how to nap your way to your best self. Why are women out of power? Karen takes you on a journey through women's real lives, and introduces you to a life-changing Super Nap that can decrease inflammation, improve pain and boost the immune system. It can also help depression, insomnia and anxiety.

Eighty percent of people with autoimmune diseases are women. Over fifty percent of sleep disorders are experienced by women. And between 2001 and 2010 there was a 256% increase in ADHD medication for women.

Today we are loosing brilliant women because of burnout. They are playing small, not dreaming big, and having chronic health problems that hold them back at home and work. Karen's talk inspires women to start daring to rest, take their health back, and then rise up from a well-rested place. This talk is like a sleep seminar and women's empowerment party rolled into one!

Lie Down to Wake Up: Why Well-Rested Women Make Great Leaders

If you are looking for a keynote to wake up women leaders, this is it. Karen's keynote provides women leaders with a road map to feeling well-rested and dreaming big at home and work. Karen knows women are exhausted, and in this presentation she provides the keys to being a well-rested woman, how it can be done by simply lying down, and why it's urgent women embrace their well-rested woman now. In this keynote, women will learn how to take a Super Nap, and tap back into their creative, intuitive, fully energized self. 

Whether you have sleep issues or not, this presentation will leave you inspired to take a Super Nap and lie down to wake up. It's time for women leaders to start daring to rest. With stories, humor, and practice tools, Karen helps them get there.

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What People Are Saying

Women everywhere need to take rest seriously if they are to enjoy vibrant health. Karen Brody’s Daring to Rest is the most practical place to start.”
— Dr. Christiane Northrup, Women's health pioneer and NY Times bestselling author

Because Karen is attuned to the demands of women in our time, her guidance speaks directly to our frustration and burnout. Her yogic sleep now helps me relax, get clear, and cope with life’s hardships — and then get to work.
— Saundra Goldman, Owner, Creative Mix

Thank you for sharing this Daring to Rest magic with the world. It aids me in doing what I need to do for me, so that I can do for others.
— Sera Bond, CEO Circle of Health International

As a faculty member at a women’s college, I am concerned about the rise in burnout I witness even among incoming students, many of who enter still exhausted from high school. I imagine the most bold and cutting-edge institutions of higher education will want to adopt this book as a road map in planning their wellness, leadership development, and student affairs programming.”
— Benita Jackson, PhD MPH, Associate Professor of Psychology, Smith College

Thank you for the stillness you helped me find.
— Birgit, Iceland