Believe in Yourself. Out of Survival. Link Up with Others.

Discover Financial Freedom.


How can we rest if we're stressed out about finances?


You don't want to not work, but you're tired of spinning your wheels.

You want to work in a way that matters.

You’re talented, passionate, inspired and you have something exceptional to contribute to the world, if only you could make a living doing it.

You’re tired of the constant hustle, trading hours for dollars, not feeling sure if you’re working on the right things, yet still working 24/7 – only to end up with an empty bank account at the end of the month. Or worse – more debt.

You know that you want to get off the hamster wheel of constantly working with nothing to show for it.

You know you want to earn income independently and be proud of the business you’ve created.

You’ve heard about having a “freedom based business.”

Make your own hours. Work when you want to. Generate money in your sleep.
(Yes, please!)

That sounds like exactly what you need.

But you’re kinda wondering if it’s a myth, a pipe dream, another icky sales scheme (yuck!)… or if it’s something you can actually achieve.

Well, I'm here to tell you…



Welcome to Team BOLD.

After years of helping women take back rest I noticed there was one big stumbling block: women need financial security. Without it, we stay in that icky cycle of fatigue and this stops us from dreaming big.

We put our passion projects on the back burner.

Our creative spirit feels like it's withering away.

I started this team as a way to help women take back rest, dream big and achieve financial freedom.

I spent a lot of years saying, "Oh no, I'm not about money. If I nurture my creative side that's enough." Well guess what? I have bills to pay (I bet you do too!). Kids to put through college. But going to a salaried job felt like a death sentence. And it was clear to me this wasn't a way to create wealth - I'd still be just surviving. I knew there must be a better way...and there is!

I have teamed up with the best, including women's health warriors Dr. Christiane Northrup and her beautiful daughter Kate, a thriving entrepreneur and author of Money: A Love StoryTogether with a network of incredible people we are providing women with the structure, support, training and rest to create their very own Freedom Based Business.

Structure with a step by step business building system you get to infuse with your own personality and gifts. It works, no matter your background or level of experience!

Support in a strong community of like-minded wellness entrepreneurs, all devoted to helping one another grow in both business and life!

Training for all of the direct sales skills and network marketing know-how you could dream of, so your Freedom Based Business truly flourishes!

Rest with yoga nidra meditation because the most effective and peaceful entrepreneurs are well-rested.

As a member of Team BOLD, I will walk you through...

  • What to expect in your first year of business – both personally and professionally.

  • Effective goal-setting and creating foundations to stay motivated, active and successful.

  • Step by step done-for-you checklists that make setting up your business both simple and achievable.

  • A method for establishing solid business relationships and generating growth with your network.

  • The marketing by attraction techniques my business partners have used for years that make the experience fun and productive!

  • Which activities actually generate revenue so you can focus your time most efficiently. (this was BIG for me!).

  • A time management system that will help you power through your to-do list like a rock star.

  • Our curated list of self development books and authors to study so you can build on your skills at your convenience.

  • All you need to know about the my product partner and how working with them can help you to be an empowered, inspiring health expert and business owner!

  • Support to develop a consistent yoga nidra meditation practice to help you feel well-rested, focused, and in your zone of inspiration.

And that’s just to start.


If this feels like a "yes," as in deep down you know you need this, then join me in ushering in a new paradigm that BOLDly celebrates doing business as unusual.


Let's release our exhaustion around money and attain financial freedom - together.