The Gift of Rest for Mom

28 Days to Lie Down and Be Good To Yourself

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Dear Moms,

What if, the day after Mother's Day, May 15th you took 28 days to lay down, be still, get your sleep and health back...and prioritize YOU?

During The Art of the Well-Rested Mom you'll get to the core of what you need to focus on in the year ahead to feel the rapture of being totally alive and well-rested. Instead of resolutions, you'll lay down and dream big from a place that honors rest, less stress and more ease.

Make "well-rested" a lifestyle.

Regain focus and clarity.

Find your healthy YOU.


How it works:

Once a day for 28 days starting Monday, May 15th you'll receive a downloadable yoga nidra rest meditation and instructions via Facebook Live on how to practice yoga nidra meditation. Then all you do is lay down and rest for 20 minutes every day for 28 days.

Restful. Simple. Transformative.

You'll come away with:

  • The best sleep EVER. Yoga nidra is a natural sleep aid well-known to help people with sleep issues.
  • Focus, clarity, and a remember the great well-rested woman you are again - finally.
  • That layer of exhaustion lifted. Yoga nidra meditation will take you from the worn out mom to a well-rested one.
  • Optional ways to focus on: improving digestion, loosing weight, and upping your beauty routine.


What if you put on your oxygen mask first and then secured everyone elses?


My yoga nidra meditation nap is the best forever gift I give myself! It keeps me sane and a much happier mommy.
— Elizabeth
I’m well-rested for the first time ever since becoming a mom. I thought being tired all the time was what moms were supposed to do. Now thanks to Karen I shake my yoga nidra pompoms and my family does too!


What you get when you sign up:

  • 4 downloadable short 15 minute Well-Rested Mother yoga nidra meditations
  • 4 downloadable long 40 minute Well-Rested Mother yoga nidra meditations
  • 4 interviews with health experts: Dr. Rubin Naiman on getting a good night's sleep, Dr. Kelly Brogan on your Mind & Mood, Dr. Aviva on your Thyroid and Adrenals, Amy Kurtz on kicking sick with chronic health conditions
  • Audios teaching you everything you need to know about yoga nidra, the powerful sleep-based meditation technique we'll use for our 28 days
  • Facebook live check in's with Karen to keep you motivated.
  • A vibrant Well-Rested Mom community.


Need additional support?

Is your health not optimum? These 28 days are an ideal time to address all parts of your health. In addition to yoga nidra meditation, you may want to add supplements and dietary products to clean out your gut and boost your immune system.  

I discovered USANA health products from Dr. Christiane Northrup years ago, began taking them regularly, and have since joined the Northrup team to help other women experience the benefits of these high quality supplements and dietary products.

If you'd like to  address gut issues, or transform your weight, register and then add the "cleanse and transform" packgage below to receive digestive health products to take throughout the 28-days.

If you'd like to up your beauty routine, like taking better care of your skin, then add the "beauty routine" package below after you register.

Step into well-rested mom mode.


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