The Daring to Rest academy

A 9-week online training helping you bring the message of Daring to Rest to women. This is for yoga teachers, coaches, wellness and leadership professionals, healers, stay-at-home moms and anyone dedicated to the health and empowerment of women.

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About the Program

If you ever wanted a step-by-step program that helps women go from worn out to well-rested, sleep better, decrease anxiety and flip the modern paradigm in our culture that pushes women to do more, the Daring to Rest Academy is for you!

The Academy is a unique opportunity to be a part of a global tribe that lives the values of deep rest, sisterhood, and women's empowerment. It is not your typical yoga nidra meditation training. It is an online experience designed by a women's health advocate and author of "Daring to Rest: Reclaim Your Power With Yoga Nidra Rest Meditation" to provide women with the tools and community to create a personal Daring to Rest practice, and then go share it with others.  

This Super Nap is known as yoga nidra, translated as "yogic sleep." There are no yoga poses other than to lie down, listen to a guided meditation, and do nothing. It feels like the best nap of your life. The results? Your entire body, mind and soul receive a huge reboot.

The Daring to Rest Academy is an online, teaching you to create a personal rest practice with yoga nidra, and then go share rest with others. You’ll be trained to hold live, in-person 40 day Daring to Rest programs, integrate the Daring to Rest methodology into your work, and lead Daring to Rest Nap Clubs, if you want to generate income doing what you love.

Karen guides you in the art of teaching Daring to Rest, helping you master everything from how to create your own Daring to Rest yoga nidra scripts, to organizing a 40 day program in your community or workplace, to creating a successful environment for people to rest. She even teaches you how to attract clients and monetize your Daring to Rest program.

You’ll begin the training experiencing the full 40-day Daring to Rest program, for you personally, and then you’ll shift into teacher mode, where you’ll be given all the materials for creating your own 40 day Daring to Rest program and incorporating it into your work. You’ll receive a 40 Day Daring to Rest Program manual, detailed outlines for structuring your Daring to Rest program, extensive training on yoga nidra meditation and how to deliver and create your own scripts, handouts and audios to supplement your student’s learning, and live weekly Q&A with Karen to integrate your personal experience and your professional application of Daring to Rest. Karen guides you through each module, so you know what to do and how to do it.

The Daring to Rest Facilitator Training provides you with everything you need to teach the Daring to Rest methodology. Teaching Daring to Rest is how you pass on the gift of rest to others, add a new dimension and stream of income to the work you do, connect to an inspiring tribe of people, and share your love of yoga nidra meditation and the Daring to Rest program.


"Imagine a world where women make rest and rhythm a priority and operate more from their full power."

Karen Brody, Daring to Rest

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The Book & Movement.

In Daring to Rest, women’s wellness expert Karen Brody presents a 40-day soulful sleep program for women using yoga nidra, a meditative practice for entering one of the deepest states of relaxation imaginable.

The book has been called a “masterpiece,” “simply brilliant,” and a 40-day program thatmakes yoga nidra relevant and accessible to 21st-century women, who may need this practice more than any previous generation.”

The Daring to Rest movement is based on a "nap first, then save the world" philosophy. We teach women how to take a yogic sleep Super Nap, and then dream big in their lives from a well-rested place. Our goal is to create a world of well-rested women. The Well-Rested Woman is an archetype, She's a symbol of a woman who is making deep conscious rest a priority, and this helps her body relax, mind think clearly, and let's her Wild Woman, that intuitive power house inside every woman, breathe. And when She breathes this frees women from the current model that tells us doing more will make us feel good. Our movement is fiercely dedicated to changing that worn out paradigm.

Our movement is a tribe facilitating the practices inside the book Daring to Rest through diverse curriculums, from 40-day programs for women to workshops, retreats and one-on-one coaching. Together, we are re-teaching women how to rest, find their healthy vibrant self again, and rise up to fulllfill their purpose from a well-rested place. A woman fully in her power, we feel, will create a healthier planet for all people.

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Meet Karen

Karen, a women’s wellness expert and author of the book, “Daring to Rest: Reclaim Your Power with Yoga Nidra Rest Meditation,” is changing the educational paradigm through her inspiring way to teach rest and create community.

Since 2007, Karen has helped women feel well-rested and dream big in their lives using a guided sleep meditation technique known as yoga nidra. She has also trained women to share yoga nidra with their communities and pursue successful careers rooted in health, healing and women’s empowerment.

As the founder of Daring to Rest, she writes and speaks on how rest is a cure for modern life, and a powerful tool for women's leadership. Karen also trains women around the world in her Daring to Rest online training program to create a world of well-rested, fully powered people.


Course Overview

Here's A Detailed look inside

The Daring to Rest Facilitator Program is an online experience that includes audio lessons with written transcripts, a Daring to Rest training manual, guidance on running a 40-Day Daring to Rest program, yoga nidra meditation scripts, and live weekly Q&A’s with Karen.  


How the training program works

As you learn how to teach Daring to Rest, you’ll also be personally experiencing and benefitting from the method you’re learning because great teachers teach what they know and love from their lifestyle. During the first half of the training, you’ll set up your own rest cave and experience much of the Daring to Rest journey. You’ll define what daring to rest means to you at this time in your life, as you lie down to wake up all of you. This phase will coincide with receiving training to use the Daring to Rest program and tools in your work - from leading live classes to working one on one to support others. You’ll learn the Daring to Rest approach to yoga nidra meditation, and how to use this beautiful rest technique to deeply relax the body and activate empowerment and leadership in women (and men, if you choose).

Week 1: The Foundation

Deepening Your Knowledge of Yoga Nidra

Looking at the science

5 Bodies

Overview of Daring to Rest program

Power centers



Soul Whispers

Rest Cave

Week 2: The Rest Phase

Setting An Intention

The Physical Body

The Energy Body

Week 3: The Release Phase

The Mental Body

The Wisdom Body

The Bliss Body


Week 4: The Rise Phase

Why rest is a cure for women and what the rest cure for women was historically

Women’s Empowerment: Theory and Practice

A 4 Step Process to Dream Big in Your Work and Life

Feminine Leadership


Week 5: Rest, Integration and Week of Silence


Week 6: The Yoga Nidra Script

practice group for 3 weeks

Creating and Delivering


Week 7: Putting it All Together

Teaching the 40-Day Daring to Rest Program and Integrating It Into Your Work

Using Tools that Support Rest

Becoming a confident facilitator

What to do when students feel strong emotions

How to give talks to groups on Daring to Rest

DTR 40-Day sample curriculums

Coaching one-on-one curriculums

Retreat and one day curriculums


Week 8: Making a Difference, Earning a Living & the Rise of the Well-Rested Woman

Serving yourself, and then serving others through your business

Earning a living with Daring to Rest

Clarifying next steps

Women’s Empowerment Theory and Practice: Creating a Rest Revolution for Women



Goals & Objectives

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The program starts March 6th. Once you have enrolled, you will gain immediate access to our Daring to Rest Facilitator Tribe and be sent a 6-CD Daring to Rest audio program as a bonus (this should arrive by mid-late March and retails at $). While this is an 8-week program, you may study at your own pace and you have lifetime access to all the program materials.