For Wellness Practitioners, Coaches, Yoga Teachers and anyone who wants to help women get the rest they so desperately need.


Lack of rest is holding women back. 

Learn how to...

✔️  Help yourself and other women go from worn out to well-rested.

✔️  Teach yogic sleep, a natural sleep solution & transformative technique (and you don't have to have a yoga background)

✔️  Make money doing something you love.


Exhaustion is a huge problem wellness practitioners are personally faced with and professionally being confronted with in their practice. 

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Join Karen Brody, author of Daring to Rest: Reclaim Your Power with Yoga Nidra Rest Meditation, and you'll receive lots of important information to inform your work, your life, and an opportunity to join the Daring to Rest Academy. 

Tuesday, February 13 at 3pm ET


Learn more about the Daring to Rest Academy here.

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