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Greetings Women Dreamers,

The audios below are for Daring to Rest’s Women Dream program. The first two are preparation audios.

On January 4th-6th, a new Daring to Rest yoga nidra meditation will be posted daily.

The yoga nidra meditations will be available to stream via wifi the entire month of January. They are free to download when you purchase Karen Brody’s book, “Daring to Rest: Reclaim Your Power with Yoga Nidra Rest Meditation.”

Here's to feeling well-rested and dreaming big in 2019.

With yoga nidra cartwheels,


PS: You’ll hear me mention “Bold Tranquility” in the “Yoga Nidra As Medicine” audio. This was the name of my first yoga nidra meditation company and the name has it’s origin in the holding opposites concept that we’ll explore during Women Dream.