Daring to Rest: Wild Woman Writer

A 9-month yoga nidra nap immersion for women who know they have a story to tell.



Stories are "soul vitamins."

Clarissa Pinkola Estes


Calling all Women Writers, Moms, Change-makers, Activists, Revolutionaries & Visionaries 


Are you hungry to tell an untold story?

Are you curious to see how making a commitment of 9 months to lie down and practice yoga nidra meditation, a SLEEP-based meditation that feels like a mystical super-power nap, would impact your body, mind, soul and help you sleep better than ever?

Do you wonder how taking a yoga nidra nap could profoundly impact your writing?

Do you desire to write with other courageous and wild women writers, who cheer you on to find your soul-voice and reach your big writing dreams?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you're a wild woman writer -- a woman who is yearning to tell an untold story, but instead of pushing it out quickly to "do more," you're curious about writing from a new paradigm, a heart-based feminine model, that allows you to pace yourself, and tap into your zone of creative genuis using yoga nidra rest meditation, and accomplish, but with soul-driven ears. 

Wild Woman Writer is a unique sleep-your-way-to-your-best-writing program.


Here's what I see all around me: women filled with a longing to write stories that matter. But many of these women...have no time to write their stories down, they're tired from everyday life, feeling like a worn out woman, and yet they yearn for a red tent space to put down their outer world, gather their writing materials, and write stories that their soul needs to tell.  

This yearning in women is familiar.  Women are derived from a "Wild Woman" archetype - it is in our essence. If we don't feed it, a part of us withers away, hungry for the wild Self.

A Wild Woman knows she is two women: she who lives in the outer world, and she who craves an inner world.

This wild Self is where creativity thrives. It's how we turn adversity, our dark stories, into powerful inspiration to create work that makes sense of our inner life and emotional state.

Virginia Wolf wrote her novel To the Lighthouse to help her cope with the loss of her mother. "In expressing it I explained it and then laid it to rest," she said.

Anne Sexton has said that, "Poetry led me by the hand out of madness."

As Clarissa Pinkola Estes says, writing is one of the few "doors to the world of the wild Self."


Yoga nidra meditation, a delicious sleep-based meditation technique, is another door. Both help us align with the truth of who we are, find meaning in our suffering, and this feeds creative work.

During yoga nidra, you lie down like savasana and are led from waking to dreaming to deep sleep, and then guided into a forth state of consciousness, a thoughtless state. It's here you experience no stress. Suffering ceases, and can be  transformed into meaning. It's also here that you plant powerful intentions and affirmations and as a result when you wake up you feel juicy, and deeply creative. Your true nature is awakened. This is an optimal place to write from.

Estes says techniques like meditation help us gather all our bones - all the parts of ourselves. "Then we must sit at the fire and think about which song we'll sing over the bones...And the truths we tell will make the song."

Every woman's song is different. Some gather their bones and write novels, plays, memoirs, or poetry. Others write in journals, blogs, and notepads. We write for us, our inner psyche, and we write for others, and their inner psyches.

You're invited to join a deeply experiential rest and writing program designed to support you to feel deeply relaxed and tap into your wild Self. You'll be given the tools of yoga nidra, optional deep dive prompts, and sisterhood to write your untold stories, drink from your deeply wise well of creativity, and stand in your truth. Through delicious yoga nidra naps, bi-weekly writing circles, monthly share circles, and a bonus live intensive,  you'll receive the time and space to commit to gathering the bones of your life and turning them into stories. 


This experience is for all writers, whether you call yourself one or not. It's for women wanting to publish fiction or nonfiction, and mothers craving time to write down stories, from birth stories to challenges and triumphs. Every woman has an untold story she must tell.

I created this immersion program because I know the power of yoga nidra meditation can take us to our zone of creative genuis - where we are completely free from all thoughts, can rewire beliefs that sabotage our wild Self, and begin to see the stories we need to tell, and write them down, with fresh eyes.

I also know rest is deeply healing - and women need more of it.

Join us for a revolutionary rest and writing program for women ready to write from a new paradigm. Spots are limited. 

With yoga nidra pompom shakes,



"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you."

Maya Angelou

All the Details

The Wild Woman Writer immersion is a 9-month container for women to "give birth" to whatever writing projects she's been "pregnant" with.  I know it's hard to schedule time to write, and to rest. That's why writing time, yoga nidra naps, and sharing your writing are built into this program.  Here's what you'll get:

  • Weekly Facebook Live check ins on your writing process.


  • Bi-weekly live, Love + Yoga Nidra  gatherings with Karen. (90 minutes + you'll be encouraged to write for 30 minutes afterward).


  • Monthly intimate "Wild Share” circle to read what we’re working on.


  • Small Wild Writer pods (4-6 women), to give you the space and sisterhood to write and rest.


  • Special guest teacher interviews on writing, creativity and meditation.


  • A private Facebook page to connect to all Wild Women Writers throughout the program.


  • At the end of the 9 months, you will have a total of eighteen "Wild Woman Writer" 30-40 minute downloadable mp3 yoga nidra meditations for deep rest and creative exploration of the wild Self.


  • My Well-Rested Woman library of fifty-four downloadable 20 minute yoga nidra meditations. 


  • My 21-Day deeply restorative yoga nidra meditation journey (15 minutes per day - all downloadable). 


And a Beautiful Bonus...

1 live intimate 4-day Well-Rested Wild Woman Writer retreat to write, nap, move, read our work, and receive love, support and encouragement from your wild women writing sisters. This retreat is optional, but will be epic so I hope you can attend (date will most likely be the third weekend in September in near Woodstock, New York... location to be determined.  Transportation, food and accommodations not included).

Our Monthly Journey

Our 9 month journey will follow my Daring to Rest method, inspired by yoga's 5-kosha model. Kosha means "layer" or "body" of awareness.  If you imagine an onion, it has many layers. Well, so do people. The more you care for all layers of yourself, the more calm, wild, and free you begin to feel. For many people, a good cleaning of the koshas can unlock creativity, inspiration and get you daydreaming, a key part of a writers toolkit.

Here's the great news: each time you practice yoga nidra meditation you clean all your koshas. 

Based on the koshas, I've divided the Daring to Rest method into three phases: Rest, Release, and Rise. Every month throughout the program the primary focus is on writing and practicing yoga nidra, but you'll also receive optional support to dive deeper into each Daring to Rest phase. Here are some of the  topics we will cover: 

Month One: Preparation & Rest

  • Overview of the program
  • Setting up your rest and writing cave
  • Soul whispers as messengers for writing material
  • 21 days of continuous rest
  • One yoga nidra book and one writing book are required reading during the program

Month Two: Rest

  • Setting an intention for your writing.
  • How balancing your physical and energy bodies can help you relax, sleep better and activate your life force for super-charged writing

Month Three: Rest

  • What's holding you back from writing?
  • How balancing the mental, wisdom and bliss bodies can help fuel your writing
  • Your Wild Woman and intuition

Month Four: Rest

  • How to use the Daring to Rest 5-body process as  a roadmap to write
  • Channeling your openness and sensitivity for great writing
  • The heroine's journey as a model for writing

Month Five: Release

  • How to be brave about telling the truth
  • Women who boldly share the truth in their writing
  • Why your pain is gold for your writing

Month Six: Release

  • The art of chucking perfect when you write
  • Finishing what you write
  • Good enough writing 
  • Women writers who write on perfectionism

Monday Seven: Release

  • How to get out of the loop of not feeling enough when you write
  • Women writers who write about their worthiness issues

Month Eight: Rise

  • Publishing options, from self publish to professional publisher
  • Getting an agent
  • Working with an editor
  • Final celebration and reading of our work.

Month Nine: Rise

  • How do you want to share your writing?
  • Making a plan to put your writing out in the world, on your terms.
  • The business of writing
  • Optional public sharing of our work throughout 2018 on the daringtorest.com website and podcast series.


Listen to Karen talking about the immersion program

"Lying down is like powering down to zero." 

Bernd Brunner, The Art of Lying Down

About Your Guide

Karen, after waking up from a yoga nidra nap in her car before her son's high school basketball game.

Karen, after waking up from a yoga nidra nap in her car before her son's high school basketball game.

Karen Brody is a mother, writer, social activist, and the creator of the Daring to Rest method, a style of yoga nidra meditation for today's modern woman, combining the teachings of yoga nidra, principles of feminine leadership, and women's empowerment.  Her new book, Daring to Rest: Reclaim Your Power with Yoga Nidra Meditation, will be published by Sounds True later this year. She's a certified Amrit Method yoga nidra instructor and trained in level 2 of iRest yoga nidra meditation. For years Karen experienced crippling panic attacks, but that dramatically changed after she discovered  yoga nidra meditation. She is now an avid yoga nidra cheerleader on a mission to spread the life change magic of yoga nidra to women and girls. Karen sees yoga nidra as both a sleep and empowerment tool that is desperately needed by women and girls today given their high rates of depression, anxiety and auto-immune disorders.

She has a passion for supporting women writers. As a dyslexic who was barred from taking an English class in college because she "couldn't write," Karen suffered for years believing what she was told.  But soon after she started practicing yoga nidra meditation, she reconnected to her instinctive self, and deepest knowing that of course she is a writer. A year later, using yoga nidra meditation and planting a powerful heart-felt intention when she was in deep meditation, she wrote the play Birth that has now been performed in over 75 cities throughout the world and translated into three languages. The play Birth started from a soul whisper she received during yoga nidra meditation. Ever since then, Karen's been fired up to help women get their stories out of their minds and into the world using yoga nidra meditation - and to do it from a well-rested place.

What Women Are Saying About Yoga Nidra

The actual messaging in Karen’s yoga nidra meditations- the words and ideas - made me feel cared for and empowered especially as a woman. These meditations became my best friend in the middle of the night after years and years of acute, chronic insomnia. I also really loved the “sexy extras”... like bonus recorded interviews and Karen’s messages.
— Marianne
The process really works! Now, I can actually quiet my mind for intervals—before it was constant chatter.
— Mae
Karen’s yoga nidra has changed my life. It has changed my thinking about restorative rest. Yoga Nidra works to give your body amazing restoration and relaxation in as little as 20 minutes. It resets your body to crave rest without mind noise that is so distracting. I fall asleep faster at night. I am more rested in the morning and my energy level has increased. Every woman should gift herself with this healthy practice!
— Cindy
Karen’s beautiful voice and the deeply soul nourishing process she shared was most helpful for me to regain balance.
— Carol
It felt so intimate. Karen really opened herself up through emails and group circle time. Knowing details of her experiences made me feel I had a safe place to be vulnerable and open with myself.
— Lizzy

Karen speaks to a former Daring to Rest immersion participant about her experience.

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Want to rest and write?

Join our sisterhood of well-rested wild women writers.


Daring to Rest: Wild Woman Writer Starts March 15th.



Spots are limited



Have a question not answered here or in the FAQs below? Ask us here.




When do we meet?

We begin with a 2 hour kick-off Overview and Share call on Wednesday,  March 15th at  5pm EST.

  • Love + Yoga Nidra with me are every other week on Wednesdays at 5pm EST from March 22nd - November 29th. This call is 60 minutes. I'll introduce topics to consider to help your writing, you can ask me questions and then you'll lay down and I'll guide you through yoga nidra. (It's suggested that after yoga nidra you spend 45 minutes to 1 hour writing).
  • Monthly Wild Writing Share dates: March 15, April 13, May 15, June 7, July 6, August 14, September 12, October 12, November 6, December 13 (final celebration).  5pm EST. Everyone is invited to this 2 hour gathering. Up to 10 women will share their writing each time. This is a great way to hear what others are writing and drink from the our collective "juice" for your writing. 
  • Small Wild Writing pods: You'll meet a minimum of twice per month to rest and write together.  Each group will determine when they will meet. Meetings are 2 hours. 
  • Weekly Facebook Live check ins with me on Monday to share your writing process, yoga nidra experience, and writing plans for the week. You can also ask Karen questions.


How much time commitment is this per week?

Your time commitment depends on you. Our motto is "chuck perfect," but of course since this is a writing and yoga nidra program you'll want to make a commitment (or else why take this immersion?). In general, you'll want to set aside a total of 2 hours per week to write and practice yoga nidra meditation. This is easily done with your Wild Writing pod and through my Love + Yoga Nidra gatherings. You determine how much more writing and yoga nidra you do. Some members will write every day for an hour, others will be happy to make a weekly commitment. (note: we do begin the program with a commitment of 15 minutes of yoga nidra meditation per day for 21 days to help the body deeply relax). 

All other materials can be listened to at your leisure, or not at all. Your choice. The point of this program is to create space to write and practice yoga nidra, not to create stress. Your participation is totally up to you.

I will be on Facebook supporting the group, and available live during our i-weekly love + yoga nidra circles. It's up to you whether you want to join live, listen later, or not participate at all. There are no "gold stars" for participation. Every level of commitment is honored.

What if I can't make it live?

It depends on you. The only live component that is not recorded is with your small Wild Writing pod, and that time will be determined by your pod so it will hopefully suit you. All other parts of the program can be listened to anytime.

I'd like to join with a group of girlfriends and be in the same writing pod - is this possible? Can we meet live since we're local? 

Yes you can be in the same writing pod. Just tell us by giving us their names when you register. And you can definitely meet locally. By the way, if you're signing up with 2 girlfriends or more, be sure to take advantage of the girlfriends discount. 

I've had sleep issues for years - will this program help me sleep?

I never make guarantees, because sleep issues are different for every person. Having said that, part of why I shake my yoga nidra pompoms is because the women in my rest programs tell me quite often that they are sleeping better. Yoga nidra retrains the body how to sleep by relaxing the body so deeply and then taking you to sleep consciously. Activating the parasympathetic nervous system (the part of your nervous system that controls rest and digestion) helps you enter a state of ultimate relaxation, ideal for falling asleep. Studies also show that meditation triggers the release of melatonin, a hormone that helps control your sleep and waking cycles. So if you have sleeping issues, yoga nidra meditation is an ideal technique to practice.

I don't want to write a story about my life. Is this program for me?

Absolutely. Some women will be writing about their lives, others won't. You can write whatever you want. And even if you don't know what you want to write, but feel the urge to get quiet and listen, this is an excellent program for you.

I've never written anything professionally. Can I take this immersion program?

Yes! This program is designed for writers of any level. It's all about starting where you are. I wrote my play Birth without any knowledge of how to write a play, and lots of naysayers, but while practicing yoga nidra I heard the instructions to write a play about childbirth deep in my soul - so I wrote a play. The point is: if you have a story to tell this program will give you the space to write it down.

I'm a professional writer. Will this immersion program be too "beginner" for me?

I don't think so because I'm not teaching you how to write. Instead, you'll be given the time and space to write, and practice yoga nidra meditation. Yoga nidra is a great tool for any writer at any level.

I have no experience with yoga nidra meditation - is that okay?

Yes, absolutely. I'll teach you all the basics plus my Daring to Rest method, a way to use yoga nidra meditation as a form of feminine leadership and empowerment.

Karen recently led a short 15 minute practice that combines yoga nidra and writing. This is very similar to what you will experience throughout the immersion. Lay down and listen. Be sure to have pen and paper handy to write after yoga nidra.


I've bought most of  your yoga nidra meditation. Will I get the same meditations?

Eighteen of the Wild Woman Writer yoga nidra meditations will be unique to this program. You'll receive a new one every two weeks while in the program.

What style of yoga nidra do you teach?

My Wild Woman Writer meditations are unique to me and include many styles of yoga nidra, but the yoga nidra meditations from my library range from the Amrit Method to iRest.

Am I expected to practice yoga nidra meditation and write every day?

You determine your commitment level. At a minimum, everyone will be assigned to a writing pod where you'll commit to write and practice yoga nidra for 2 hours together a minimum of two times per month.

Will you help edit my work?

Nope - I'm dyslexic so you wouldn't want me to edit your work. Editors are super skilled at what they do. We'll talk about finding someone to edit your work towards the end of the program. You can also always reach out to me earlier and I can recommend someone.

Will I get feedback on my writing?

I've got few rules for running programs, but my biggest one is no feedback for most of the program, just listening. This will give you the opportunity to hear your soul voice, stand in your truth, and share it with others without all the influences of "what people think." In your small writing pod, after six months of listening, you will be able to ask your wild writing sisters specific questions you'd like feedback on regarding your work.

I will also be available to work with a few women privately who want help shaping their work. This would be more of a "big picture" edit on the organization and focus of your writing. Once the program begins, I will provide more details on working privately with me.

Will this program talk about how to get published?

While the focus of this program isn't on getting published, I am a strong believer that the world needs to hear more women's voices. Part of rising up and dreaming big, which yoga nidra meditation is so good at priming us for, is to do something with our work. If you feel your soul calling you to publish your work, at the end of the program we will talk about different ways you could publish your work and I will invite some guest speakers from the publishing industry to answer questions and point you in the right direction.

Will this program run again soon?

I run the immersion program once per year. Next time is in 2018.

What is your refund policy?

Refunds are available the first month of the program. After that, you're committed.  Before you sign up, it's best to be be familiar with my rest programs or yoga nidra meditations so you have an idea of my style. (check out this website and you can listen to a yoga nidra meditation here). We take a limited number of women to keep the program vibrant, but intimate. Everyone's on a payment plan so it's affordable, and we greatly appreciate you honoring your payment plan for all 9 months.

How can I contact you?

Email us through our contact form here.