Kind Words

THANK YOU for sharing this yoga nidra magic with the world. It aids me in doing what I need to do for me, so that I can do for others.
— Sera Bonds, Founder/CEO Circle of Health International
Thank you for yoga nidra! I have had a very stressful couple of years and currently having some neurological health issues. I was recommended meditation by several people but just didn’t have the motivation or know how to begin. Your yoga Nidra has benefited me greatly in only 8 days of doing it. It’s now a part of my daily routine for life. Thank you again! I too am a Yoga Nidra cheerleader now.
— Lesley, Ontario, Canada
You can’t imagine how magical it feels to me to have found you. I do not think that I have ever found anybody’s instructions for a spiritual - restorative journey as accessible to me. I am a very critical human, with questions for so many things and also with a sensitive ear that hurts easily when people speak.. I have nothing at all that jars when I enjoy your work. I just drop myself into the care of your voice and am able to let it all go. I am SO deeply grateful You have something beautiful and deserve women to listen your meditations as much as they deserve to find you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and all the limbs and brain-waves which are collectively saying: thank you for the stillness you helped me find.. thank you.
— Birgit, Iceland
Karen’s Yoga Nidra has helped me personally with my anxiety levels tremendously. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
— Julie, Belgium
This class has been the “icing on the cake” for what I have been seeking. I feel the transformation within myself and I LOVE my meditation before I go to bed. Now, I can’t imagine a day WITHOUT it! Thank you for bringing Yoga Nidra into my life—you are an amazing woman (sister)!!!
— Mae, Florida
When I first heard Karen speak in an interview about Yoga Nidra I was living a life of severe anxiety, sleep disturbance & chronic debilitating fatigue. Thanks to Bold Tranquility’s meditations and Karen’s personal support I turned that around. Yoga Nidra saved my life. And I will be eternally grateful to Karen for sharing her gifts & passion with a world of exhausted women.
— Mary, United Kingdom
I am writer, a businesswoman, a mother of a child with special needs, and on top all of that, I have multiple autoimmune disorders, including often crippling chronic fatigue. While I have been a fan of Bold Tranquility from the beginning, more recently I feel something shifting inside myself, renewing my energy and ability to focus. I usually wake in the morning with brain fog and agitated. After getting everyone out of the house and having my breakfast, around the time a newborn would take her first nap, I lay down and do yoga nidra with Karen’s calm voice guiding me toward deep rest. Because Karen is attuned to the demands of women in our time, her guidance speaks directly to our frustration and burnout. The Bold Tranquility recordings help me relax, get clear, and cope with life’s hardships — and then get to work.
— Saundra, Austin, Texas (
During your Women Dream program in January, the most important dream I got was to start my own business in writing in my own way. And I am actually doing this right now ! I am taking actual steps to start my own business, to live my passion, to go out there and help everybody with this. With my energy. And yoga nidra is such a big part of the trust I feel to make these steps. I feel so grateful Karen, for what you offered, what you offer, and for who you are !
— Margreet, The Netherlands
I am so happy about a result I got from the Good Health series yoga nidra meditation (part of your Well-Rested Woman one year journey). I have been suffering from a lot of nerve pain and complications of shingles for the past four months. Today I wrote down the affirmation you gave in the weekly note you email. It was: “I am open to exploring all issues of my health mental, emotional physical and spiritual. I trust that whatever issues are in the way of my full realization will be released spontaneously and effortlessly.” Without struggle or effort I took the medicine I needed to feel better. I let go of the previously unconscious “issue” that I needed to suffer. I thought I had other “good “reasons for not wanting to take medication. This was huge for me. And it only took 4 months or 62 years to let go of that resistance. (Haha!) Thank you so much. Practicing yoga nidra with you daily has been integral to my recovery.
— Pam