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Our Goal is simple.

For YOu To REST.

SLEEP & DREAM MORE through daring to rest™


You Only Get One Body. Give it Rest.

Rise up Rested.

At a time when rest is considered lazy, weak, and unproductive, we’re on a mission to create a well-rested world by teaching you how to rest, providing ways to stay committed to a lifestyle of rest, and training women wellness professionals in yoga nidra “rest” meditation and the Daring to Rest Method.

Do you remember the woman you are when you’re not completely exhausted?


She’s bright-eyed and clear-minded.

Calm, present, and open-hearted.

She looks a little like you did as a girl

Before all the cultural conditioning.


She is you.


And it’s time to honor her with a radical decision:

permission to get the rest you need.


The 3-phase Daring to Rest method supports you in healing exhaustion on all levels.




As you learn the basics of yoga nidra, you align with your true desires, feel grounded, relaxed, and safe in your body, and call your scattered energy back.



As your practice deepens, your mind releases habits of worry and negative chatter, the voice of your inner wisdom is amplified, and you sink into a blissful trust that everything is okay.



Long-term integration of rest in your daily life leads you to greater love and approval of yourself, a restoration of your wholeness, and a lifestyle that truly supports your biggest dreams.

Don’t let the word “yoga” confuse you.

There are no downward-facing dogs, warriors, or other physical postures. Yoga nidra is a sleep-based, conscious guided meditation in which your mind is still active. As your body relaxes, you become open to erasing emotional and mental patterns that are holding you back, combining the benefits of meditation with the benefits of sleep. Over time, consistent practice often leads to transformation in all areas of your life especially your sleep, energy, and emotions.


The Book.

The Daring to Rest book isn’t about being perfectly rested. It’s a book that helps you break the cycle of fatigue, make a commitment to rest, and remember just how powerful you are.

Get inspired and start practicing the 40-Day Daring to Rest program by our founder, Karen Brody’s book, DARING TO REST.

Daring to Rest: Reclaim Your Power with Yoga Nidra Rest Meditation

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Daring to Rest is simply brilliant. I thought I knew a thing or two about health, rest, and yoga. But in this wonderful book, Karen Brody breathes new life into the need for rest.
— Dr. Christiane Northrup, M.D., ob/gyn physician and author of the New York Times bestsellers on women's health
Daring to Rest facilitator Christine Shepherd’s workshop in Guernsey, UK.

Daring to Rest facilitator Christine Shepherd’s workshop in Guernsey, UK.


Become a Facilitator

The Daring to Rest Academy is a unique online yoga nidra training program experience that initiates you into a personal rest practice and teaches how to share it with others professionally, taught by Karen Brody, founder of Daring to Rest, and a passionate Daring to Rest team of women.

Our Academy is equal parts training in yoga nidra meditation, the Daring to Rest method, feminine empowerment, facilitator confidence, and ongoing mentorship alongside your personal rest journey.

This is the approach, the training, and the sisterhood I’ve been looking for!
— Larissa Haramis, Melbourne, Australia

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