Raising a Child With Learning Differences: Dyslexia, Exhaustion, and Fighting for Your Child's Light

Raising a Child With Learning Differences: Dyslexia, Exhaustion, and Fighting for Your Child's Light

In the second grade, my son Jacob was diagnosed with dyslexia, a learning difference that makes it difficult for people to read quickly and automatically—but has no connection to overall intelligence. Today, Jacob joins me to share his experiences with dyslexia, and I explain how yoga nidra helped me navigate raising a dyslexic child.

The First International Yoga Nidra Conference

The First International Yoga Nidra Conference

Today, the Daring to Rest Sisters who attended the First International Yoga Nidra Conference join me to share their top takeaways from the experience. We explore how yoga nidra effectively reorganizes our relationship with our emotions, and that the yoga nidra framework is a jungle gym where we can play, affording our students different entry points to the practice and expanding their opportunities to restore wholeness.

Inside the Daring to Rest Academy with Tribe 3

Inside the Daring to Rest Academy with Tribe 3

Today on the Daring to Rest podcast I'm taking you inside the most recent tribe in the Daring to Rest Academy. Meet an intuitive astrologer, to a Qoya movement teacher and trainer who is also a reiki master, and a health psychology professor at one of the most prestigious women's college's in the United States. Learn about the creative ways these women are bringing to fruition and dreaming about sharing the message of rest.

The Liminal Dreaming & Yoga Nidra Connection with Jennifer Dumpert

The Liminal Dreaming & Yoga Nidra Connection with Jennifer Dumpert

As with yoga nidra, liminal dreaming requires us to surrender. To let go and drop into a space of deep relaxation. To have a conversation with the unconscious. Today, Jennifer Dumpert joins the Daring to Rest Podcast to define liminal dreams and discuss how to develop your own practice that supports creativity and problem-solving—and improves your overall wellbeing.

Do You Know About the Rest Cure for Women? A girlfriend chat with Karen Brody on taking back rest

Do You Know About the Rest Cure for Women? A girlfriend chat with Karen Brody on taking back rest

In this episode Daring to Rest founder Karen Brody chats from her rest cave about the rest cure, an immensely popular method used on women in the middle and upper classes in the late 1800s in American and Europe who were mysteriously getting sick. Find out why this period in history is important and what women can learn from it to help us take back rest today.

Measuring the Impact of Yoga Nidra: The Data and Evidence for Radical Rest and A Native American Woman's Quest for Tenderness

Measuring the Impact of Yoga Nidra: The Data and Evidence for Radical Rest and A Native American Woman's Quest for Tenderness

We know that being well-rested improves the quality of our lives because we can FEEL it. But what if more women measured the impact of practices like yoga nidra? Today, Dr. Nicole Bowman joins me to share the system she used to track Daring to Rest yoga nidra’s effect on her health and productivity.

Bedtime stories for women who Can't Sleep at night

“When I lost my sleep, I lost a little piece of my soul.” – Laurissa Wieler

What happens when you lose your sleep? In this episode I introduce you to Laurissa Wieler, who lost her sleep twenty years ago and today is channeling her musings on sleep into a whimsical bedtime stories book for women who can’t sleep. In this episode, Laurissa treats us to three of her stories from the book she’s working on, Bedtime Stories for Women Who Can't Sleep at Night; Tales and Musings for the "Awakened' Woman.

Join us as we talk about insomnia, the impact of yoga nidra naps on Laurissa’s life, and the multi-layered themes within her beautiful stories that speak to the heart of women’s real lives. Laurissa is also a trained Daring to Rest facilitator, teaching women Daring to Rest yoga nidra in her community in British Columbia, Canada.

As always, I’d love to here your comments on this podcast below.

Here’s to Daring to Rest and the rise of the well-rested woman.

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Oh, the places we go in this episode! Over a decade ago, in my third year on anti-anxiety pills, and one year in to practicing yoga nidra, I hit the “dark night of the soul” and was led to the door of Amy Rachelle at a third floor walk-up apartment building with graffiti on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. I was skeptical all the way until I opened the door and looked into Amy’s eyes. Right then, it was clear that this woman would be a guide for me and that she took her role seriously.

What I didn’t know, until this episode, was that Amy had also just gone through her dark night of the soul and begun claiming the role she was being called to play in life. She literally burned down her home to wake up to claiming her life.

In this episode I introduce you my cherished Amy, a naturopath, intuitive healer, and now friend. Amy’s a master at guiding women through detoxes, physical and mental, and in this episode she gives you many tips. We also talk about intuition and how to harness it to address physical health and more.

Get ready to feel like an empowered women and start being good to yourself. Lie back and join me and Dr. Amy for some serious girl talk.

An Empath's Guide to Thriving in Today's Modern World

Whoa…Sometimes a book shows up just when you need it. I rarely watch the news. I know it makes me feel horrible, but for several weeks over the past month I felt sucked into watching news that broke my heart. Every night, another chapter would unfold on the screen, causing more exhaustion. News replaced my morning yoga nidra meditation for the first week - that’s how much I was caught up in the hypnotic pull of the news. And then Judith Orloff’s book, The Empath’s Survival Guide, showed up and I was reminded of something I already know - that I’m an empath and I need to protect myself. In fact, when the news is so crazy, this is exactly when we need to be UPing all our heart tools, like yoga nidra, not sitting in front of the news drowning our hearts in the pain of the day.

In this month’s episode, Judith and I spend time together talking about everything from:

  • what an empath is

  • ways to stay empathic without burning out

  • a 3-minute heart meditation that can transform a stressful day

  • a simple stress dial practice to do with your empathic children

  • we talk about exciting neuroscientific findings explaining the empath experience

  • how to get rid of emotional hangovers after seeing relatives or from stressful home or work places

  • why so many empaths are misdiagnosed with depression, anxiety and chronic fatigue. (this is HUGE - please listen to understand this)

  • current news and how not to feel so exhausted and anxious.

“You are stronger than anything that’s happening now,” Judith tells us. “Don’t see yourself as a victim."

We can thrive in our lives, women - protection strategies are out there and in this episode Judith offers a ton of them.

If you’ve ever been called “too sensitive” and if you’re looking for concrete tools to navigate modern life, then make yourself something calm to drink, and lean back, and listen.

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Inside the Daring to Rest Academy

Do crave rest and clarity? Do you want to learn a strong grounding in the philosophy and process of yoga nidra? Do you feel like you’ve been searching for a new focus to your work and want to share the deep rest medicine of yoga nidra meditation with others?

In this episode you’re taken into the Daring to Rest Academy to meet four women from Tribe 1 of the Academy. Learn what it’s like to be a part of the Daring to Rest Academy, from the personal and professional development each woman receives to the solid foundation the Academy provides to take yoga nidra and Daring to Rest out into the world to share with others. 

If you’re in love with yoga nidra meditation, feel strongly that women today desperately need rest, and you might want to share it with others, then this episode is for you. Lay back, get yourself something relaxing to drink, and listen now.


When Doctor's Don't Listen to Women's Pain with Abby Norman

Sometimes you don't know why you're reading a book other than the fact that the title has the words "uterus" and "pain" in it. That was my experience when I said "yes" to Abby Norman's passionate new book, Ask Me About My Uterus: A Quest to Make Doctors Believe in Women's Pain.

To be honest, when I first started reading it I thought: I'm not too sure I want to read a pain memoir. But about 50 pages in, when I found myself unable to stop talking with my husband at breakfast about the book, I knew I was hooked.

In this episode, Abby and I talk about her health journey, the little that's known about endometriosis and the myths out there (it's shocking), plus we explore why women who talk about their pain are often not believed and what we can do about it.

Get a huge cup of something restful to drink, lay back, and join us. Abby's such a treat!

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Fed Up: Emotional Labor, Women and the way forward with Gemma Hartley

Whoa - Gemma Hartley had me at FED UP. If you're wondering why you're so tired, have a listen to this podcast to consider the emotional labor you're putting out in your life. Gemma wrote a 2017 piece in Harper's Bazaar that that went viral - as in nearly a million share and over 2 billion clicks. (You read that right!). The piece focused on a hot issue for so many women: how women are typically the ones doing most of the emotional work around the home. Wonder what that is? Make yourself a cup of tea (Gemma's having English breakfast, I'm having cardamom cinnamon), lie down, and join us. 

As always, I'd love to hear your comments below or on Facebook or Instagram. Be sure to check out the show notes to read her viral piece.

What's it Like to Dare to Rest?

Tired? Overwhelmed? This is your episode. Join Karen as she talks with Kerry Magnus and Janis Wheeler, two women who have practiced the Daring to Rest 40-Day program with profound results.

Learn about the key features of Daring to Rest - from soul whispers to the Council of Women - and how a continuous practice helps you embrace pain, have compassion for yourself, step into your truth, and feel as though the universe has your back...in an easy way that doesn't involve doing and thinking...just resting.

Make a cup of tea, lay back and join us.


Putting Women in Their Place with Megan Park

In this episode, Karen talks with Megan Park, founder of Putting Women in Their Place, whose mission is to support women candidates to move up the political ladder.

In early 2017, Megan took Karen's yoga nidra program and this led to the birth of Putting Women in Their Place. On this podcast, Megan and Karen talk about yoga nidra and the soul whisper that led Megan to find her deepest calling.

Make yourself a cup of tea, sit or lean back, and enjoy learning more about the power of yoga nidra meditation and Megan's vision for Putting Women in Their Place.

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Dodging Energy Vampires with Dr. Christiane Northrup

In this episode, Dr. Christiane Northrup talks with Karen about her new book Dodging Energy Vampires: An Empath's Guide to Evading Relationships That Drain You and Restoring Your Health and Power.

Holy Daring to Rest! If you're a highly sensitive person - or empath - this is a must-listen. Empaths are the favorite prey of "vampires" who feed off emphaths' energy and disrupt their lives on every level - physical, emotional and financial.

Make yourself a cup of tea, sit or lay back, and join Karen and Dr. Northrup for a powerful podcast that illuminates a new angle on reclaiming your power.

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Dream Deprivation with Dr. Rubin Naiman

In this episode, meet Dr. Rubin Naiman, a sleep and dream specialist who says people are at least as dream deprived as they are sleep deprived. Learn what dreaming well is and how not dreaming can impact your health. Also, find out who the three women Dr. Naiman would love to have tea with and why. 

Dr. Naiman's book Healing Night is my absolute favorite book - it's a must read for anyone who wants to really understand rest and why we don't sleep from a psycho-spiritual perspective. I've interviewed him before and I'm always learning something new.  I think you will too. He's definitely my rest-crush :) I can't wait for you to meet him. And, if you'd like to meet him in person, consider attending his Healing Insomnia workshop next month in California.

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