What Women Are Saying About Daring to Rest

Thank you for a way out of all the stress in the world! Daring to Rest is a wild glorious path where I could return to being truly human, and truly be the natural resource I’ve been chasing for so long.
— Melanie
Highly recommend this brilliant book Daring to Rest...to all tired parents, and anyone in need of more rest. It’s Day 3 of the 40 Days and I feel so peaceful. Here’s to a life as a well-rested woman!
— Nadine
Daring to Rest is changing my life. I knew I was exhausted when I decided to buy the book and join the 40-day program, but I didn’t really truly believe it would make a huge difference. It did and it does - in ways that are not easy to describe. This practice is in alignment with my soul.
— Sylvia
Daring to Rest has helped me a lot because it speaks of 5 bodies that can be exhausted. This helped me to understand my exhaustion better... and why my Wild Woman has been weakened. I not longer feel guilty or like a failure for feeling exhausted. This is so helpful, and gives me strength to rise as a well-rested woman.
— Susanne