What Women Are Saying About the Daring to Rest Academy

I feel a lot more rested and stronger as a result of the Academy. In a difficult emotional situation I don´t feel paralyzed anymore. Which for example helps me to teach in a different way. The way I teach yoga and yoga nidra gained more depth. I used to be intimidated with someone crying in my workshop, now I can hold the tension and the space with so much more ease. I gained another layer of trust into my womanhood.
I dream again. I started Daring to Rest in June 2018. Since then my dreams at night came back. I now look forward to going to bed. And in general my sleep feels a lot more restorative.
— Barbara Dopfer, Germany
I learned more about yoga nidra than I had anticipated. Meaning, its relationship to sleep, dreams, shamanism, hypnotism, etc. and how it really is an all encompassing, healing practice - not just a meditation.

I loved our weekly calls. It was so nice to get together and be in the company of women who value REST, not just go, go, go. And it really sealed what I learned in the online trainings as well.
— Korynn Elliot
I love the fact that you provide such a rich tool set that we have access to over time. I found a ton of value from the mentoring sessions. I think for me after doing the 40-Day and now training I feel so called to share Yoga Nidra and the facilitation of REST for humans. Moving back to the US this year I was searching for the answer “who should I be serving?” and this program has given me so much insight.
— Melissa Barnet
Thank you for such an fantastic, professionally organized program.

I have been on a healing journey over the last 6 years, gradually finding acceptance of who I am, a sense of my worth and beginning to find my voice (at the age of 49 years). Since reading Daring to Rest, participating in the 40 day challenge and now completing the Facilitator Training I am for the first time in my life experiencing a sense of freedom and an appreciation of who I am. That it’s ok to be me and in fact it actually feels good to be me - hallelujah and Pom Pom shakes to that!

I began to discover my wild woman through Clarissa Pinkola Estes work 18 months ago but my experience of Daring to Rest has brought her (me) fully into the light of day - so a deep bow of thanks to you and your work!

I am finding the principal and practice of connecting to my council of women very powerful - another great feature of D2R. And another important thing I’ve embraced is chucking perfect - wild women have no need to be perfect! ( a big thing for a life long people pleasing perfectionist to embrace!).

I am looking so forward to being an Ambassador of Daring to Rest and getting classes and programs together to begin sharing the Rest revolution!
— Leelee
Each Tuesday morning, I would look forward to opening up my email and feel excitement for the next module of the Academy to dive into and, on Thursdays, I would do anything in my power to make the Tribe 1 gathering a priority. From your book to the academy, I was given the words to articulate what my soul was searching for. The Soul Whispers, Touchstone, Council of Women and all the tools are divine in every way. When I would describe the way in which you formatted and constructed the book to the way the academy was formatted and constructed, I would describe it as teaching to my soul. On every level my soul, my spirit, was fed and nurtured. I loved how every one of us was honored in our own journeys - the support that we had for one another and from you Karen is so valuable. A few weeks ago my husband and I were out on night walk before bed, honoring the night. I found myself saying to him, “I don’t recognize myself!” I feel so new, home, reconnected to a part of me that was always there, waiting to be unearthed, waiting to be seen, listened to, breathed with, and supported. I feel like I am honoring the Divine, the Wise Woman, La Loba, Baba Yaga , Wild Women and the Well Rested Women.
— Nikki
This online training has been the first online course I have stuck to. It was engaging, fun, beautifully presented and Karen was extremely present for us. This really makes a difference when the trainer is really there!
— Zoe
I loved the ENTIRE program! It was a huge YES for me and I haven’t been sorry for a moment that I registered. Personally, the DTR Academy did more than provide me with the education to teach and lead DTR Yoga Nidra. It helped me immensely with sleep issues. I am dreaming now, almost nightly.
— Barbara
This course was just what I needed to discover yoga nidra for myself while laying the foundation to be able to share/teach to orhers. Karen’s heart is large and exposed with great attentiveness to her students.
— Jaimee
I loved that the Academy covers everything, from the individual training on yoga nidra to how to plan a business using this training.

Being a novice practicing Yoga Nidra, I felt that this was comprehensive beyond my imagination.

I definitely found Karen easy to listen to. I appreciate her being highly organized, her passion for sharing her skills, and her ability to show her human self.
— A.

I loved the combination of personal practice and professional training. All of the materials provided and the recorded modules were excellent. I loved the guest teachers and the specialized knowledge they brought. I appreciated being able to interact with others in the training and learn from them during the training calls and on Facebook. Meeting with my yoga nidra pod was a very special experience.
— Rachel
I loved that the training began with practicing Yoga Nidra ourselves, and then in steps we came to the scripts and the leading our own DTR business. It felt like I was taken by the hand through the whole process. I love it that Karen shares everything. She lets us come into her business and look around and gives lots of her personal experiences. I also love that Karen is such a warmhearted woman. She makes room for all of us and every question we have.
— Wendy
This training was life changing for me. I was excited to learn to teach the technique, but was pleasantly surprised by just how profound the impact on my personal life has been. Things that seemed to just “shift” or “turn around” without effort or explanation beyond staying committed to my daily Yoga Nidra practice. The changes were across all spectrums, my emotions, food choices and cravings, relationships, energy levels, sleep habits, mental clarity and so much more. The amazing thing is, during this time I have been under elevated levels of stress and yet I seem to be coping better than ever to the overwhelming situation. I was surprised my ability to really avoid rushing myself through the content just to keep up with the class.

Karen was BEYOND AMAZING as an instructor. The content and the delivery were both more than I expected. I’ve taken several online courses for CEU’s and such and this class was the best by far. Weekly mentoring was so juicy and relevant and downright amazing.

The delivery methods were above and beyond what I could have hoped for in my wildest imagination. Most courses offer 1 method, and MIGHT offer the possibility of recorded replay for a limited time. The fact that the DTR content came live, recorded, and with transcripts is unheard of.

I know that so many of us are going to be doing so many great things to heal this world.

I was diagnosed with a general anxiety disorder several years ago. My life has never been the same. I had become a shell of the woman I used to be. Since I have been introduced to Daring to Rest, my life is slowly returning to a more (normal) balanced state. I still have a long way to go, but I’ve also come a very long way. There really aren’t words for me convey my level of gratitude for this program. My best effort is to pay it forward. I feel very strongly that if I can recognize a need and how to serve that need, I’m winning at life. Yoga Nidra is the secret sauce that humanity needs and I want to serve that need. The world we live in has reached critical mass in regards to it’s sleep crisis. Things really must change, and as cliche as it might be, I am willing to be the change I wish to see in the world.
— Nicole
The Daring to Rest Academy has come into my life equipping me with infinite tools to not only make my life better, to be a better person but to also share with others how to make their lives better.
— Lynne
This training has been so deeply transformational on a very personal level. In fact, this on it’s own would be completely worth doing the training for. The fact that I now get to go out and share this magic with women, to be part of a tribe of sisters revolutionising rest, while continuing to develop myself both personally and professionally is a dream come true. Sending love and gratitude to both you Karen, and Deborah in heart shaped loops of infinity!
— Jo Blackman

I had been wanting to learn to teach Yoga Nidra for a long time, but the format of intensive weeklong trainings - for which I would have had to travel - seemed counterintuitive. This online training was perfect as I had the time to integrate the teachings, and thanks to the weekly calls I didn’t feel isolated doing so. Now I feel comfortable sharing YN in my classes, and I feel confident and well equipped to study further and deepen my own personal practice.

I feel blessed to have been able to join this program and study with Karen.
— Myriam Webb
I have been thoroughly enjoying and appreciating absolutely every aspect of the academy and the lessons and mentoring sessions you have offered and immersed us in. Every lesson, master class guest speaker, book recommendation and set of homework assignments has been wonderfully threaded together and has taught me more and allowed me to get more out of this program than I ever even imagined I would. I cannot say enough good things about what an amazing resource it has been, and how important and powerful the timing has been for me on a personal level.

The most powerful testimonial I would give however would be even much more focused on the commitment and authenticity you personally brought to the program as a teacher and leader.

Your book already lays out a rock-solid completely do-able “curriculum” that anyone can easily follow on their own and reap huge benefits from as an individual - but the passion, compassion, integrity and committment you brought to the academy and your live teaching through the modelling of how the power and vision that a whole community of well-rested women can, in ripple effect, help heal our over-tired, over-scheduled communities at large has resonated with me on levels I couldn’t be more inspired or excited to be becoming a part of!
— Lise
I loved all the training, I have always wanted to find a heart-full practice and this was beyond what I as expecting. The gifts and the blessings of this program changed my life, I didn’t realize just how burnt out I was and each time I laid down to rest I got to meet myself over and over again, parts of me that I didn’t even remember or knew that existed. I am so excited to be able to share this beautiful, soulful practice with others.

Karen is an exceptional teacher, she teaches from her heart. She is probably the best facilitator I ever had for a course, the time and energy she gives goes way beyond what I was expecting. Her passion to empower other women and help them get back in touch with their roots, true desires and become “whole” is admirable. She truly is a gifted teacher, mentor and I am honored to be part of the academy. Loved the mentoring sessions, the material, the on going help…I feel like I have found my family. Yoga Nidra is a practice I will do every day as it not only feeds my soul, my body, my mind it makes my life richer on every level of my being.

I plan to certify as a Daring to Rest Facilitator because the 40 day program and the teachings from the Academy have changed me. Before I started either of those I kept saying I wanted to be a Restorative Therapist and wasn’t sure what that meant....well now I do...I want to help people restore themselves and I want to certify as a gift to myself and honour the teaching that Karen has brought to the world.
— Carol