Deborah Sullivan

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certification director daring to rest

Goleta, California

As a mentor, Deborah, passionately supports women to embody their unique medicine gifts and discover their soul path. She has been teaching yoga nidra meditation and leading shamanic women’s circles and ceremony for over four decades. Deborah created Sacred Ways and Elemental Nature over two decades ago and continues to craft artisan essential oil blends. As a shamanic aromatherapist and energy medicine practitioner she guides women through transitional life cycles.

Daring to Rest is transformational medicine for our times.

"Daring to rest is medicine for our whole being - body, mind, heart and soul. Through the practice of yoga nidra we are invited into a deep immersion that uncovers our authentic vision and voice, rising up to embody our wise woman. I love creating altars and infusing sacred scents with essential oils to enhance the practice of yoga nidra."