Jo Blackman

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Certified Daring to Rest Facilitator

Auckland, New Zealand

I am a Mama, a Moon and Star Gazer, a Sun Lover, a Deep Diver into the depths of the Feminine Heart, a Ritual and Ceremony Creatrix, and live and love from the rhythms of my heart space. I have a passion for working heart to heart with women both individually, and in circles, supporting women to remember our essence, and creating a supportive, nurturing community of sisterhood.

I have a Masters Degree in Psychology, I am a Certified Qoya movement teacher, and have training in Mayan Arvigo Spiritual Healing, and the Sacred Art of Ritual. I combine all of these tools to create Daring to Rest yoga nidra offerings that are deeply healing feminine journeys of remembering, incorporating movement, ritual and ceremony, and deep rest in yoga nidra – ultimately guiding women home to their own heart spaces.

Jo offers Daring to Rest day retreats, rest circles, and 1:1 sessions from her HeartSpace studio sanctuary in Titirangi, Auckland, New Zealand.

Daring to Rest is an empowering journey home to your heart.

“Daring to Rest is all the profound benefits of yoga nidra meditation with a delicious feminine empowerment twist. Through deep rest in yoga nidra, and other practices designed to reconnect us into the rhythm of rest, we re-member our essence as a woman, and rise rested from this place in a beautiful circle of supportive sisterhood.”


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