Yoga Nidra Rest Meditations


New! Wild Feminine Yogic Sleep Meditation

Take a long 40-minute yogic sleep nap to embody your Wild Feminine. This is an exclusive release from Karen's monthly online Rest Tribe gatherings.

Restore Series

Lay down, do nothing and restore your mind, body, and soul with seven beautiful yogic sleep meditations taking you through the 7 chakras.

Year of the Well-Rested Woman

Lack of rest is holding women back. Our year-long Well-Rested Woman journey was created to help women take back deep conscious rest for one year. Great gift for busy women!

Good Sleep Series

Insomnia? Waking at night? These yogic sleep meditations re-train your body to sleep again. Great present for pregnant and new moms!

Products I Love


Most people think yoga nidra meditation is the only way I stay healthy. Nope. I've been taking supplements for years. They've helped with everything from gut issues (which, by the way, is crucial for good sleep) to energy. I'm a huge healthy food first person, but the reality is we cannot get all our nutrition anymore from food. I recommend these supplements and highly suggest taking them regularly for several months to determine if they're right for you. Here's to your health!

SleepPhones are an essential part of my yogic sleep "wardrobe." They're great to wear as you fall off to sleep listening to your favorite yogic sleep meditation. Super comfy. Definitely like pajamas. I even use them on airplanes when I take my yoga nidra nap and by the end of the flight everyone is asking me, "Where did you get those?!"