Bedtime stories for women who Can't Sleep at night

“When I lost my sleep, I lost a little piece of my soul.” – Laurissa Wieler

What happens when you lose your sleep? In this episode I introduce you to Laurissa Wieler, who lost her sleep twenty years ago and today is channeling her musings on sleep into a whimsical bedtime stories book for women who can’t sleep. In this episode, Laurissa treats us to three of her stories from the book she’s working on, Bedtime Stories for Women Who Can't Sleep at Night; Tales and Musings for the "Awakened' Woman.

Join us as we talk about insomnia, the impact of yoga nidra naps on Laurissa’s life, and the multi-layered themes within her beautiful stories that speak to the heart of women’s real lives. Laurissa is also a trained Daring to Rest facilitator, teaching women Daring to Rest yoga nidra in her community in British Columbia, Canada.

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Here’s to Daring to Rest and the rise of the well-rested woman.

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