Inside the Daring to Rest Academy

Do crave rest and clarity? Do you want to learn a strong grounding in the philosophy and process of yoga nidra? Do you feel like you’ve been searching for a new focus to your work and want to share the deep rest medicine of yoga nidra meditation with others?

In this episode you’re taken into the Daring to Rest Academy to meet four women from Tribe 1 of the Academy. Learn what it’s like to be a part of the Daring to Rest Academy, from the personal and professional development each woman receives to the solid foundation the Academy provides to take yoga nidra and Daring to Rest out into the world to share with others. 

If you’re in love with yoga nidra meditation, feel strongly that women today desperately need rest, and you might want to share it with others, then this episode is for you. Lay back, get yourself something relaxing to drink, and listen now.