Do You Know About the Rest Cure for Women? A girlfriend chat with Karen Brody on taking back rest

In this episode Daring to Rest founder Karen Brody chats with you from her rest cave about the rest cure, an immensely popular method used on middle and upper class women in the late 1800s in American and Europe who were mysteriously falling sick. Find out why this period in history is important and what women can learn from it to help us take back rest today.

You’ll also hear Karen read from one of her popular monthly “rest notes” and explore threads of women’s empowerment and how yoga nidra meditation can help lead us to solutions for our health, healing and power.

With humor and intimacy, Karen talks about all the layers of rest from women’s past to present. This is the first podcast without a guest! Lay back for some girlfriend chat. We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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