The Do Less Revolution with Kate Northrup


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‘Do less’ is about finding the miniscule spaces in our life for a breath, for an opening, for a calming of our central nervous system, for joy, for meaning.
— Kate Northrup

Are you trying to prove yourself through productivity? Are you addicted to being busy, somehow convinced that your worth is connected to how much you get done? What if you could tap into the natural rhythms that are already a part of you and achieve more—by doing less?

Kate Northrup is a creative entrepreneur and bestselling author dedicated to helping ambitious women ‘light up the world without burning themselves out in the process.’ Kate launched Origin Collective to support female entrepreneurs in managing their time and energy with grace, and she is the author of the new book, Do Less: A Revolutionary Approach to Time Management for Busy Moms

Today, Kate joins me to share her definition of doing less, explaining how we can achieve more meaningful results by tuning into the natural rhythms already happening in our bodies. She addresses how the world is designed around the 24-hour hormonal cycle of men and offers insight on applying the phases of the moon, the seasons or your body’s cycle to a given project by way of the Upward Cycle of Success. Kate also discusses the Egg Wisdom metaphor for feminine energy, the value in growing your receiving muscle, and she even mentioned yoga nidra (and the book Daring to Rest) as a great energy management tool. (Pompom shakes!). Listen in for Kate’s advice on applying the 80/20 Rule in your life and learn how to be your best self—by doing less!

Key Takeaways 

Kate’s conscious decision to eliminate pressure with Do Less Experiments

How Kate defines doing less as aligning with our natural, cyclical rhythms

How Kate’s experience during her first pregnancy inspired Do Less

Kate’s theory on how we’re addicted to being busy to prove our worth

How the world is designed around the 24-hour hormonal cycle of men

The four genius phases of a woman’s 28-day hormonal cycle

How to get more done in less time with attention to your body’s energy

How the moon’s phases correspond with women’s cycles + the seasons

How the Upward Cycle of Success defines the four phases of any project

The Egg Wisdom metaphor for what feminine energy is in the world

Why receiving help is Kate’s favorite Do Less Experiment

Examples of how to apply the 80/20 Rule to your business/personal life

Kate’s intention to inspire women to be their best selves through Do Less

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