Is Lyme Disease Making You Sick and Tired? with Hillary Thing


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We want to live as resilient, strong, healthy, clean people so that when we do get exposed to these infections, we don’t get taken out by them.
— Hillary Thing

We all have the innate capacity to heal from within. We also live in a world filled with toxins and other stressors that block that healing life energy. For those of us suffering from Lyme Disease or any other chronic illness, the key is to identify and treat the root cause of our health challenges and focus on the fundamentals—sleep, hydration, exercise and food as medicine. Leveraging a strategic approach, we have the ability to uproot chronic disease and wake up to our powerful life force.

Hillary Thing is the founder of Uprooting Lyme, a clinic specializing in the holistic treatment of Lyme, chronic stealth infections and complex chronic diseases. She also runs a professional training course, the Holistic Lyme Practitioner Mentorship, to educate health practitioners in the clinical arts of detoxification, immune enhancement and embodied healing. Hillary has two decades of experience as an impassioned practitioner of Chinese medicine, working as an acupuncturist and herbalist and serving patients all over the world.

Today, Hillary joins me to describe how her husband’s illness empowered her to tackle Lyme and discuss the fundamentals of the disease and its associated symptoms and coinfections. She explains why the CDC guidelines for diagnosing Lyme are problematic and shares her strategic approach to treating chronic disease. Hillary also offers insight into some of the specific upgrades she recommends, from detoxification to light therapy. Listen in as Hillary describes her role as a patient’s Health Quarterback and learn how to embrace chronic illness as an opportunity to wake up and own your life force!


Key Takeaways

How her husband’s illness empowered Hillary to tackle Lyme Disease

The factors that block our life force and its ability to heal from within

The fundamentals of Lyme and its related symptoms, coinfections

The regions of the world where Lyme is most prevalent

How Lyme presents differently depending on the species of bacteria

The CDC guidelines for diagnosing Lyme + why they’re problematic

How Lyme has mechanisms for hiding from the immune system

Hillary’s strategic approach to treating a patient with Lyme

How knotty diseases may require a whole-life realignment

Hillary’s three-pronged approach to detoxification

How Hillary customizes treatment around weak organ systems

Hillary’s insight on light therapy (e.g.: UVB, near- and far-infrared)

Hillary’s online and in-person health practitioner training course

How Hillary serves as quarterback of her patients’ health journeys

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